Zoology is an important branch of biology that concentrates on the study of animals, their structure, behavior, and function. Zoologists are trained professionals that study and care for animals and wildlife.

What kind of training does a zoologist need?
Most zoologists need at least a Bachelor’s degree in zoology or other related area of biological science. A master degree may be required for some other positions. Zoologists typically have a strong background in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. While pursuing their education, many aspiring zoologists volunteer or work part-time at zoos, veterinary clinics, farms, and other places to gain hands-on experience with working and caring for animals.

Job prospects are expected to be good with keen competition. Zoologists with advanced education and extensive experience will have the best prospects. A career as a zoologist is a great choice for individuals who have a genuine interest in all types of animals. Zoologists should be able to work effectively independently or as part of a team. Good communication, self-discipline, patience, and good physical stamina are also desirable qualities. Zoologists must also be able to think quickly in emergency or dangerous situations.

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