women and education - educate a woman, educate a generationThis article  accentuate an open secret, “How to eradicate illiteracy in the World”. The answer is simply, “Educate the girl child”. If all  women are educated; the younger generation (male & female) will be literate. Little wonder it is said that if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

Knowing well that the woman is an agent of transformation, we at www.knowbaseconsult.com are calling on the Nigerian government at the states and federal level to pass a bill that mandates the education of all girl child and punish any individual (Parent/guardian) who deliberately keeps the girl child away from college.  

Women, give quality attention to your brain beauty the same way you prioritize your physical appearance. The strength of a woman is not in her lips, curves, shape, breast  etc

The ultimate beauty of a woman comprise of brain, attitude and character beauty.

I charge every woman to stand up to play their God given role. You are called to educate and build our world.  

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