opinion: who is kim kardashian

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Recently, I overheard two of my colleagues talk about one Kim Kardashian. One of them said why would she do such a thing? This drew my curiosity so I cut into their conversation and asked who she was and what she did? They were surprised at my question? You don’t know her? I nodded in agreement – I dont know her.

One responded that she is a celebrity known for ‘nothing’. The other said she is a celebrity known for her physique- hips.

Later that day I found out she made the headlines for nudes photos she recently released. This got me me thinking – made headlines for posing nude?

Why should much importance be attached to such show of shame by adults? Where are the gender equality campaigners? The feminists?  Kims act is an attempt to rub womanhood of it’s dignity.

To those who ‘celebrated’ and feasted on her nude photos, I have this question for you – what is special about her nudity?  What she flaunts is carried by billions of women worldwide, why should a female care to look at her nude photo? For the men who are married, what’s special about the pictures, what is it you have not seen before? To unmarried young men, the photos should not worth your time and data.

An adage in my dialect Yoruba says, “it’s fun to watch a mad man display in the marketplace but no one prays to have one in their lineage’. KIM qualifies as the ‘mad man’ in this adage.

I call on women right activists, feminists and all individuals at the fore of gender equality and women empowerment campaign to call her to order so as to forestall a repeat of her ‘madness’.

So tell me who is KIM KARDASHIAN?

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