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OPE O, UP NEPA!!! A regular reaction elicited whenever NEPA restores power within the estate I live. On this occasion, I could filter out the voices of Favour my 3 years old neighbor, Jide, a professional photographer in the neighborhood and Mr. Segun, who lives on the 3rd floor of the 4 storey building, I occupy a flat on the ground floor. I found myself in jubilant mode, jumping with hands in the air amidst shouts of “UP NEPA”.

There is a lot to be thankful for whenever power is restored in my neighbourhood. It relief one of the noise and fumes generated by generators suffering advanced “malnutrition” and overdue for maintenance.

This article suggests a strategy job applicants can deploy to impress at interviews and targeted at individuals who are preoccupied with thoughts like, “When will I get a Job?”, “God, why me?”, “how long will this job search last?”, “I am tired of applying for Jobs?”

Dear friend, I bring you good news, you will soon land a good job provided you are prepared to create a “UP NEPA” experience at your next interview. I have outlined a simple test to determine if you have what it takes to create a “UP NEPA” experience.

  1. Write out the organisation you will like to secure employment with.
  2. State the position you want to occupy within the organization
  3. List out the skill sets and requirements for the position
  4. Match your skills and qualifications to the criteria listed in Step 3 above.

By your analysis, do you possess the skills and knowledge identified in step 3 above? Does your resume highlight the application of the identified skills in practical terms?

Job seekers must understand that employers are on the lookout for individuals who can generate “electricity” in the position they want to fill, candidates with the UP NEPA profile. As soon as they identify such individual, the other applicants are sent a “We are sorry letter”. I once got one, while reading it, I muttered, “sorry for yourself….” (Watch out for my series, Memoirs of a Job Seeker – www.olorunfemibabatunde.com).

interview career adviceAre you prepared to bring on the UP NEPA experience at your next job interview? Can you demonstrate instances where you took initiative, applied your skills and knowledge to solve a problem? Ensure to dazzle at your next interview by employing the UP NEPA strategy.

If your response to question 3 was in the negative, take out some time to upskill, this may require you to attend seminars, get certified in certain knowledge area, obtain a Master’s degree etc

Going forward, do not worry about your unemployment status, focus more on building your confidence and acquiring the knowledge necessary to create a UP NEPA (This is the ideal candidate) experience at your next interview.

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