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BabT I used 16 cubes of sugar to prepare my cornflakes said Kola. Really… BabT enthused, you are improving. The last time I prepared cornflakes, I used 23 sugar cubes –  7 cubes more than your highest record

I was a boarding house student during my secondary school days. In the boarding house we had some ‘strange’ traditions. One of them is boasting about the  number of sugar cubes  used for “soaking”. Soaking could mean drinking garri (a local Nigerian food), a meal of cornflakes and preparing a mixture of cabin biscuits, little garri, many spoons of milk and a lot of sugar. You hear statements like, I prepared my cornflakes with 22 cubes of sugar………….

I’d like to share with you the most neglected law of nature. It is the law of reaping and sowing. The law simply states that, “what you SOW is what you REAP“. I developed a simple mathematical formulae to show the relationship between S(owing) and R(eaping).

S(a,n,e) = R (t)

S is a function of a, n and e while R is a function of t.

S is Seed
a,n,e are variables, action,inaction and effort respectively.
R is returns 
t is a variable, time.

A firm understanding, application of this principle will help you live a successful, purposeful and fulfilled life. Have a look at these common sayings.

1. Givers never lack.
2. A little exercise everyday keeps the doctor away.
3. Nothing ventured nothing gained
4. Remember the Lord in the days of your youth.
5. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
6. If education is expensive try ignorance.

The sentences above typifies sowing and reaping. Let us identify the seeds in some of the sentences.

1. Sow – generosity, Reap – Abundance
2. Sow – a healthy lifestyle Reap- good health
3. Sow – Nothing, Reap – Nothing

Note that there is a maturity period associated with sowing and reaping. I call it pay back time. 

In continuation of the opening narrative; some of my colleagues and I who indulged in consuming sugary foods with “reckless abandon” over 11 years ago have began to reap returns on our investment- tooth problem, some have had to extract their tooth, others have holes in their tooth etc

It took over 10 years for our investment to yield. Also note that the process is irreversible. We cannot turn back the hands of time to undo what we sowed (high consumption of sugary foods).

The law of S & R explains why some individuals suddenly slump and die; it explains why some adults are faced with certain health challenges in their later years. Years of poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle come back to haunt them. It also explains why some others live healthy, rewarding and successful lives.

I leave you to carryout an audit of the seeds you have sown and sowing. Bear it in mind that in most cases, the returns on investment is not in the immediate and mostly irreversible.

My final words….. Sow wisely.

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