Tribute: Note to my Mother, o/c of St. Peter

Tribute: Note to my Mother, o/c of St. Peter

I wrote these lines 3 years after my mother’s death (2006). Her thoughts are never far away

In care of Saint Peters to my loving Mother – Roseline Ebunoluwa Olorunfemi .

 note to my mother tributeMummy, I don’t know where or how to start this note
Its three years you departed this world;
your sojourn on planet earth was so short
yet you left so much legacy for us to follow


I remember the last letter I wrote to you from school,
dated Feb 2, 2003, I wrote these words
Sweet mother I no go forget you”.
Those words were true.
I always prayed that God will bless you with long life
So that I would be able to reciprocate
your self-giving in my own little way
Death deprived me of this dream.


I count myself lucky, having an angel as my mum;
a mother who spent quality time caring for her family.
Mum, your good deeds are paying off
Good people don’t die!!!


When I was leaving for School (3rd term SS 2)
I mean the night before I left for school
You asked if you should help pack my bag
Can you remember my response? (smiles)
I said I was a big boy.


You sat and watched me “devour” the delicious
Meal you prepared for me;
My favourite pounded yam and waterleaf soup.
In the course of the meal,
You said this prayer, “This
Meal will not be the last I will prepare for you
I said Amen to your prayer.

Man proposes but God disposes
God did not answer that prayer for reasons
best known to Him.


Mum, your sleepless nights praying for us
Have not being in vain
God has been kind to us


A miracle child you were,
You put smiles on the faces of all those you
came in contact with.
Being the 3rd child in your family (A female)
Never made you shy away from your responsibilities.
God chose you to be a PILLAR in the family.


I am glad to let you know that
all the advice you passed on to me
are perfectly guarded in my heart.
I am consoled by the truth that the soul
of the righteous is with the Lord.


He was kind to the Olorunfemi family by blessing us
with you – A supernatural being.

Mum, I am now in the University,
A clear indication that God heard all the prayers you offered to
Him on my behalf.


Every passing second hold a memorable thought
of you [My great mother].
If there is a second world, I will be tempted to take you
as a wife (you must be smiling now).
At least, a wife doubles as mother too.


Can you recall how you taught me to swallow pounded yam?
I remember those moments when we sat opposite each other
on the dining table.
The memories playback like a movie scene
You will roll up a little morsel in your hands and ask me to do same
Then you demonstrate how to swallow it.
That’s how I stopped chewing pounded yam.


I can never forget the impact you played in my academics
Who will believe that a SS 2 student in boarding school
will need up to 10,000 naira
(Dad must not hear  this o).
Needless to say the carton of bakers biscuit, tins of Milo and peak milk.


Your trust, love and care for me combined with Gods grace
Spurred me to excel, I couldn’t afford to perform averagely.
All the good results I made in secondary school were for you.

I miss greatly, your high sense of humor;
you tell many jokes
One to remember was about my habit of staying indoors all the time
(Can you remember mum?)
I will keep it secret between you and I (I cross my heart).
I also miss the wonderful smiles that herald your person
And the caring look that is always prevalent in your eyes.


Babaiyere (Father of his mother) as you fondly called me
Serves as a constant reminder of the unquantifiable love
You had for me.


You were true to your name Ebunoluwa (Gods gift)
You remain one of the greatest gifts God as offered me in my lifetime
Second to the gift of his beloved son – Jesus Christ.


Your mother continues to mourn you.
I know you are not happy to hear this.
Don’t forget she named you Molo (Don’t leave);
That’s how much she loves and treasures you.
Moreover, you showed her all the love in the World


Your husband continues to miss you
You were all that he had “the Virtuous woman God
blessed him with.
He remains grateful to you for building a wonderful home
for him – one that blossoms with love.


As long as I breath, I’ll continue to treasure and nurture
The legacies and values you passed on to me.
From your baby – Babaiyere.


Rest in peace till me meet to part no more
I have good, great memories of my mother. If your mother is alive, give and show her all the love she deserves. 

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