Happiness-success-street-signHave you ever sat down and wondered why some people are more successful and live a happier life than the one you are currently living? You  look at this person who is more successful than you are and discover that their is not much difference between you and the person except that this person is more successful and happier than you.

Success comes to those wait, they say but you might have discovered that simple waiting does not bring success and happiness. So maybe its time you change your attitude to everyone and everything and start doing those things which would not only bring you success but wlill also give you happiness

what are they actually?

1. Do not wait for the “right time” to do anything.

Do not hesitate chasing your ambition, because there will never be the “right time” to do anything. Successful people perfectly understand this fact, and you would probably agree with it when you tried to remember how many times you postponed doing things after telling yourself something like “it’s not a right time for this now”.

2. Take responsibility for your words and actions.

There can’t be a successful person without responsibility. Yes, we all are people and we all make mistakes, but if you want to be successful you should always accept responsibility for your words and actions.

3. Never forget the people who are important to you.

It does not matter how busy a successful person is, they will always find time to care about their families, friends, and all other people who are really important to them. Your business can’t be an excuse of your indifference.

Success is good, but you should understand that life will get depressing without friendship and love.

4. Do not let others decide what “success” is for you.

Different people may interpret “success” in different ways: some of them measure it in money, other ones – in positive changes to people around them and the world in general. If you want to be successful, do not let others force their interpretation of success on you; do not worry about what other people think, and come after what makes you happy.

5. Do not feel stressed or depressed about criticism.

Try to stay calm and pay no attention to negative comments or personal attacks you may get from others. Successful people are concentrated on making this world and people better, but they will never respond to every comment they get from foes.

6.The winning mindset – cultivate it

If you are to succeed in life and become the person you are meant to be, then you must know that you will not get there alone. Therefore you must help others to succeed and to become great if you are to be great yourself. It is often said that the greatest people are always those that help others.

Learn to be happy about others’ success and look forward to your own success. Do not judge yourself based on what others have achieved, but rather based on what you want to achieve. Depending on what you want in life, their success could be failure to you or vice versa, but it should not matter to you either way.

Life is not a race against other people. It is a one man race. You determine the destination, the route, the time limits and the prize. We are all running a different race. How do you compete with someone that is not on the same track as you are?

Envy and jealousy are habits you must always be weary of and stay clear of. Like other bad habits they will only rob you of your energy, creativity, drive, clarity of mind and enthusiasm for life.

7.Invest in yourself – knowledge is a huge asset

Knowledge is a powerful asset. It makes the difference between living in abundance and living in lack. The only difference between the managing director in a company and the maid in the same company is their knowledge. The MD knows something the maid doesn’t. That is why he earns a hundred times more than she does.

It is what you know that will bring you success. It’s what you don’t know that will cause you to fail. Why then, do some get it so wrong? For example many people look for promotions without acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge they need to be promoted. Many business people are struggling because they just won’t take the time to learn about accounting, marketing and all that goes with doing business. That’s like trying to drive a car without first putting in the fuel.

Written by :Tunde oyeleke. 

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