The Story of Ayo and I

The Story of Ayo and I

Have you ever experienced what it feels like to have a little child rest is hand on your shoulders; in appreciation of what you taught him/her? I felt that way about a year ago – an unforgettable experience.

I introduced computing to Ayo who came to spend his long vacation with grand Ma. He had recently completed his Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE).

As I introduced computing to him, his face shone with an infectious smile and excitement that I found contagious. I needed to be sure what the excitement was about. Ayo, what is this smile about? I asked. He replied, so computing is not as difficult as I imagine it to be. Yes it is not, I said reassuringly.

I explained the similarities between the computer and his phone; how the start button is the “same” as the Menu button on his phone, how the icons on his phone serve the “same” purpose as the ones on the laptop.

Together, we visited the My Computer, Recycle bin, My document locations – explaining what purpose they serve. It was fun teaching him how to double click on my laptops touchpad. I remember telling him to count 1,2 (in his mind) while doing same simultaneously on the touchpad with the tip of his finger. At first, it looked like magic to him; with practice it became second nature.

In summary, it was fulfilling demystifying the basics of computing to Ayo. Teaching is truly a noble profession. I seize this moment to say thank you to all my teachers (known and Unknown).

I want to appreciate my project supervisor “Galileo” (during my undergraduate days in University of Ilorin). As my supervisor, he introduced me to Database Management and guided me through my final year project. I remember, my other colleagues used to feel jittery whenever they visit their project supervisors, my case was different. I looked forward to visit his office.

Although he is on study leave and currently in the UK; he still finds time to keep in touch with me. He is a lover of information technology and has software’s to his credit. He developed Pass1time (a free computer examination portal). You may want to follow him on twitter @pass1time.

I urge you to go out of your way to teach, introduce computing to your friends, cousins, parent etc You probably live under the same roof with someone who is computer illiterate. Rather than being over protective with your laptop and making it a no go area to everyone; teach others how to use it.

It is the wish of all of us at Appswheel to help build a computer literate Nigeria, where every Nigerian can use the computer. It is this desire that gave birth to Like Ayo, I can’t teach all Nigerians one-on-one, but with, I can reach out to many Nigerians. All the resources on it are completely free!!! No hidden charges!!! Make the best of this opportunity.

Lastly, spread the Goodnews that represents. Post it on your wall and say a word about it. With your help, we can help build a computer literate society. Thank You.

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