The Realm Of Self Discovery

The Realm Of Self Discovery

self conquestSelf discovery and self knowledge are the stepping stones to self conquest. Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first along with Sir Tenzing Norgay to conquer Mount Everest said “it is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves”. For him, the conquest of Mount Everest was only one of the effects of conquest of self. The greatest conquest is self conquest because it is difficult to conquer one self, but when that is conquered, everything is conquered.

Self-conquest requires self knowledge as a pre-condition. It is a fact that most people do not know themselves correctly, clearly and completely. Perhaps no one has a thorough self-knowledge of himself/herself, but one can acquire a satisfactory degree of it. A few of us do not know what we are capable of doing but we have never pushed ourselves hard enough to find out.

Most people have some imaginary idea of themselves. Real and genuine self-knowledge of one self can sometimes be disturbing, frightening and humiliating to some people. That is why many do not discover themselves because they are afraid of what they might discover so they live with a pseudo self-conquest!

You need to see yourself as you really are. Many are not happy with their external form and figure, the inner self can even be more displeasing to some people but it need not be. Maxwell maltz said and I quote “accept yourself as you are otherwise you will never see opportunities. You will not feel free to move towards it, you will feel you are not deserving”.

AUTHOR: Khadijat

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