The KPMG Recruitment Process


KPMG is a global network of independent professional services firms with deep expertise in the provision of audit, tax and advisory services to clients in various industries and sectors of the economy. A KPMG staff has provided the information below to inform you and help you pass the KPMG recruitment test. questions and answersStage 1 – Assessment Test 
This involves GMAT multiple choice questions in mathematic (quantitative reasoning), English (Verbal aptitude) and current affairs.
After test candidates will be required to write essay on given topics usually not less than 500 words. The KPMG Study Pack on Q and A App will help you in your preparations (Install Q and A App from Playstore)

Stage 2 – Business awareness 
At this stage, candidates are given sets of situational based test questions where they are asked what they will do when faced with certain situation. It is quite tricky as it is not timed and there are no right or wrong answers only best practice and morally correct options. An easy way of passing this to be familiar with the Company’s 7 core values and to apply them in each situation

The Values are 
1. We lead by example.
2. We work together
3. We respect the individual
4. We seek the facts and provide insight
5. We are open and honest in our communication
6. We are committed to our communities
7. Above all, we act with integrity

Stage 3 – Assessment Centre 
Here candidate faces a panel of interviewers and are given 3 tasks
1. One (1) minute presentation on given topics. Candidates who fail to impress or that are incoherent may be disallowed from proceeding at this stage
2. Group exercise: candidates are put in groups and are given a situational puzzle to decipher. Each team member is given different clues that can be read out but not passed around. All of them are to solve the task in about 10 to 20 minutes. Contributions from all members are very important; no right or wrong answers too but how they are able to work as a team.
3. One-on-one interview: candidates are asked series of questions to test their competence and integrity. Questions like teams they have worked, impact they have made in school or during service etc.

Stage 4 – Documentation 
Candidates will be required to submit copies of their credentials for verification to prevent falsification of documents. Candidates who might have taken the test before are also screen and disqualified.

Stage 5 – Partner’s interview
These comes in various ways and styles but most times a “STAR” interview approach is taken. Candidates are asked questions and they are expected to answer with relevant Situation they have experienced, how that applies to the

Task (question asked), Action(s) they took and the Result thereafter.
S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Result

Stage 6 – Medicals 
Successful candidates are then required to medicals test before resuming. No one is dropped at this stage just work ethics for safety reasons

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