beginning foretells the endI have heard the saying that the end justifies the means. Whose mind first bore these words? The first individual that spoke them must have coined it to drive home some thought. The same applies to, “The Beginning foretells the end”. These words were borne out of my reflection last night. The subsequent paragraphs play out the scenarios that played on my mind.

  • A relationship founded on lust; if it matures to marriage ultimately ends up in divorce.
  • A building built on a faulty foundation will only stand for a while; it will collapse in no time.
  • A tree that develops on shallow root, will bow to the wind someday.
  • A child who has a firm home training and solid education background is likely to excel at secondary, tertiary level. Little wonder, a child who is judged to be ill behaved is said to lack home training.
  • A Yoruba adage says that a child who will be smart shows the trait at a tender age.
  • The bible says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto it. It also says, “If you sow sparingly; you will reap sparingly”.
  • A businessman who takes a bank loan to impress his girlfriend will have his properties sold to repay for the loan he took.
  • A nation who sells her votes to incapable leaders will never experience the dividends of democracy.

You may argue that the scenarios described above are not 100% true but you will agree that they are, most of the time.

Therefore, take some time to reflect on the motive behind the things you do. If you are doing them for the right motives keep it up; great rewards await you soon. If the reverse is the case, have a rethink.

This applies to business owners, students, teachers, investors etc let your motives, efforts, conscience be pure, sincere, genuine. These values will take you to the top someday. If you have acquired the wrong values, drop them now. It is never late.

Feel free to use this saying in your writings, “The beginning foretells the end”, but don’t forget to quote Appswheel. Wait a minute……., after writing this article; I decided to do a google search to confirm that this sentence is novel. I found one exact match of it; A school Creed in latin, “Finis Origine Pendet” meaning, “The Beginning Foretells the End”.

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