Distribute and Source Valuable Study Materials on Q and A App

Distribute and Source Valuable Study Materials on Q and A App

Q and A App Looking at Junior’s promotion report sheet, Papa Junior, called in a stern voice, “Junior, come here!” Despite recording first position in Christian Religious Studies and making the overall 10th best result in a class of 35 students, Juniors heartbeat has not stopped skipping since he got his report sheet.

Who made the overall best position in the Class? Papa Junior asked, before Junior made an attempt to respond, he followed it with, “who took the first position in Maths?” he continued, “Do they have two heads”? Junior nods his head in sideways motion to mean they do not have two heads.

Did you experience the above scenario as a Child or do the above depict you as a parent? Like Junior, you are likely to respond with, “they do not have two heads”. What if Juniors response was “well, they may not have two heads, but we do not have the same head, we may not assimilate at the same rate and I am better at another subject. Dad, what if we focus on my good points and find out how I can do better in Maths?” Your guess is as good as mine, Junior will get the beating of his life if he gave such response to the typical Nigerian dad.

In retrospect, you will agree that if a teacher teaches a particular topic to 30 learners, there is a possibility that some of the learners will not understand the teachers method, but if they are taught the same topic by another teacher who deploys another method; they will understand the topic/subject as much as the other learners.

Have you once labeled a subject as difficult only to find a material or meet an individual that made the subject biscuit bones?Q and A AppIs there a topic you know so well that you’d love to share your knowledge on the topic with individuals struggling to understand the topic/subject? Simply document your knowledge and share in pdf format on Q and A App  for Free or at a Fee. Have you downloaded Q & A App yet?

You are seconds away from accessing valuable study materials and career development resources. You can earn reasonable income distributing resources on Q and A App too.

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