My Landlady’s Best friend – Mr. Olorunfemi

This is a continuation of a previous true life story “My Landlady and I”. In that account, I narrated the role Mr. Olorunfemi played in securing a place for me at Lady Rose residence. She turned out to be an exceptional landlady; she offered me her place for free.

During my first nine month stint, I caused her a lot of inconvenience; her cheerful and happy disposition remained. I got the greatest surprise of my life, 7 days after I caused a scene – Remember the man in white gloves?

On that fateful day, the house was packed full. Friends, family members and associates of my landlady gathered for an event I had no prior knowledge about, the gathering was presided over by a man in white robes, I later learnt he was a catholic priest. Exciting dance steps met the popular tunes streamed from the DJs stereo. There was plenty to eat and drink. I wondered what the celebration was about.

The party turned out to be a naming ceremony, organized on my behalf. It was at that party I got the names Babatunde and Oloruntobiloba.

The day after the party, I thanked Lady Rose for her kindness. She made me understand that the event was funded by Mr. Olorunfemi. I wondered why he had developed so much interest in me. At this point, I recalled their dance at the naming ceremony, how he held her by the hips with her head leaned on his chest. There was so much affection between them and I could tell they were no ordinary friends. It did not take long to discover his true identity.

suckling childLater that evening, while having dinner, sucking natural milk, freshly served by my amiable landlady Mr. Olorunfemi walked in. He tickled my cheeks and planted a kiss on Lady Rose left cheek. How are you honey, he said. Lady rose smiled at him, then with her tender eyes fixed on me she said, Babatunde, say hello to your daddy. I stretched my arms towards him; he took me in his arms.

Today March 2 is my Dad’s birthday; Join me to wish him a prosperous year ahead. Also on this day 2003, I read the last letter from Lady Rose (My darling Mother). The letter was delivered by dad – on a visit to my boarding school, FGC Ugwolawo. Dads visit was a surprise, I was not expecting either of my parents, I had told them to send whatever gifts they have through other visiting parents – I was in Senoir Secondary 2.

I ran my eyes over mums note with joy; written in her typical curvy, slanting hand writing. In my reply, I thanked her for the enclosed naira notes and the cooked meal sent through dad. Also, I thanked her for the food flask, fried meat and money earlier sent in February through my friend Daniel Musa. To conclude my letter, I wrote the song titled, “sweet mother I no go forget you”.

The month of March brings me mixed feelings; a month in which my father, immediate elder brother, his wife and a great friend Taiye mofolorunsho celebrate their birthdays and one in which I remember the live and times of My loving mother Ebunoluwa, Remilekun Olorunfemi and My Darling Aunty Shola Adebudo.

I wish you a prosperous month – March forward in greatness. Don’t forget to wish my dad a happy birthday. Thank you for reading.

happy bday dad
In case you’re wondering, Dad…
I notice.

I notice how hard you work
to make things the best they can be.

I notice the remarkable strength 
under the toughest pressure
and the hardest times.

I notice how much you give,
never expecting anything in return…

I notice you never forget to
play or laugh or love
or make me feel important.

And, Dad
in case you’re wondering,
I notice how incredible you are
at being a father
and still finding time
to be my friend.
Happy birthday.

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