Self Test – Identify the keys to your happiness.

Self Test – Identify the keys to your happiness.

Self Test - Identify the keys to your happiness. Does money make us happy? Better yet, does having more money make us happier? We’ve probably all thought about these questions from time to time. Most of us have imagined what it would be like to trade places with someone rich and famous.

We imagine a life where we could have almost anything we want, where people would recognize and appreciate us more, where we would be happier. It’s understandable to think that having more money makes a person happier.

You might be surprised to know that research shows that people with more money are no happier than people with less money. Think about the wealthiest people you know or have heard of. Think of all the celebrities, sports stars, and wealthy individuals who have gone through divorce, drug addiction and depression. Are these people really happier than the rest of us?

Howard Hughes was one of the richest men the world had ever known yet he died alone, depressed, and terribly unhappy.

Self Test - Identify the keys to your happiness. How Important is Money?
No-one can really answer that question for you. It’s true that more money can make the everyday struggles of life easier to handle. Indeed, money has an important place in our society. However, when asked to identify the keys to their happiness, most people put money far down the list. Here are some examples of other things that people commonly say
are their “keys to happiness”:

• Good relationships with family
• Strong friendships
• Good health
• Healthy marriage
• Sense of accomplishment
• Spirituality
• Interesting activities (sports, hobbies, music,

How about you? Where does money fit on your list? Test your self. Look at the list above and pick one item that would be most important to your happiness. Add other items if you would like. Ask yourself these questions: “Would I like to be rich but in poor health?” “Would I like to drive a brand new car but have a terrible relationship with my children
or parents?” Go through the rest of the list. What’s really important to you. After you have picked…………….

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