how to overcome procrastinationYour money or your life? This question is synonymous to armed robbery. If you happen to be in this position (God forbids), what option will you choose? “My money” I guess.

This piece sets out to expose a familiar crook that rob it victims of their money and life. We seem to keep a blind eye to it tactics and activities; yet it has robbed and continues to rob many of their dreams and aspirations. It cripples, maims and put the phrase, “had I known” on the lips of many. It grows and nurture regret.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, robber Prof. PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination, can you please introduce yourself to my audience? (Procrastination puts on a wide grin and takes the floor).

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is procrastination. Some people call me the thief of time, but in reality I rob people of their life. Is a man’s life not measured by his time? This explains why obituary posters state the times of the deceased.

I rob people of their future by urging them to put till tomorrow what they can/should do today. I am the architect of many undergraduates poor grades, I encourage them to play away their time. I give them the assurance that their assignments can always wait; they can always do it at a later time.

Many B.Sc holders never get to enroll for their Master’s degree, write certification exams. Government workers fail to invest for the raining day. I am the architect of all these. Infact……

(MC cuts in) Thank you Prof. Procrastination, that’s the much we can take.

Dear reader, you have heard from the horse’s mouth. Are you a victim of procrastination? Now is the time to let loose of it. The issue of procrastination is not something to toy with but something to deal with. A person who has a reason to justify his/her procrastination attitude is invariably piling up reasons to justify his/her failure in life.

A lack of confidence in oneself according to Plessis, will automatically keep one from those things which ordinarily one is capable of doing. Procrastination is not just a device for avoiding mundane things but on a higher level, is avoiding the big decisions and big actions then set in and prevent one from making real difference in one’s life.

how to overcome procrastinationProcrastination sometimes is a necessary “evil”, successful people have learnt to manage it. To minimize procrastination, we have to see time as a precious commodity and form the habit of regularly asking ourselves the question, “What is the most important use of my time right now? If your answer to the question negates what you are doing at that moment then you must stop such act immediately and do what you are supposed to do.

There’s a famous Chinese proverb that says; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step” Just do it! Don’t shelve it! Avoid procrastination.

The faster you can get things done, the better. Always keep this in mind.

Nigerian Pidgin:My friend, time pass money, time na life. Make we try use am well well.

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