Politics is very important as it shapes the Nigeria state and other nations of the world. Political scientists are essential to study political systems and conduct research. They influence the world in indirect ways by educating political leaders and the public and encouraging people to look at the world in different ways.

What kind of training does a Political Scientist need?
Most Political Scientist positions require a Bachelor’s usually 4 years of university training. Masters or Doctoral degrees are usually required for higher-level positions.

As UME pre-entry requirements into university, students will be required to write Government or History and any other two social science subject. Such a student is also expected to have Five (5) ‘O’ level credit to consist of required subjects stated above. For Direct entry, what is required is two (2) ‘A’ level passes to include Government or History.

Being competent in using computers for research purposes is also essential. Political Scientists must also be up to date on the latest technology advances to improve their research techniques.

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