It doesn’t cost anything

At the beginning of an end or the end of a beginning

Better life comes with a better half

Can’t I just love and save my world

Don’t want to live life on books and people’s look about it

Enlighten lies in the reason to view a season without treason

Failure starts when one don’t want to make mistake and learn from it

Gift of life came from love, imagine one in a thousand million cells

 It doesn’t cost anything

Housed in a womb, safe and gently guided with love

Incredible is the worth of world when love is all

Just pause and take a cool look at life when the dead lost pulse

Kindly gesture your love to all because they live only once, and there is no second chance for every first impression

Masterpiece is this for those who see beyond seas when they sit

Never love for materials, only you understand your wants, just makes sure they aren’t for lust

Only love takes you there when you are nowhere, it brings you from rear to rare

It doesn’t cost anything

Practice it when you’ve lost it, and it will come back, don’t just stay blank in your love bank

Question when you feel not right about things, it opens new perspective

Remember the love of God on us; realize our love is for us, good for us, all for us, and even more for us

Save your words when upset, reset and preset before you out-let them

Tame the beast in you. Right play the game, manage your fame, safeguard your name, change yourself, mild the wild

Uphold the truth about love, not immoral like you thought, that could ruin you, Love Won’t

Voice the facts about life, never fold your arms in truth fight, refuse being bought, don’t be a slave

Walk through life in happiness, even if glad tidings come late, have faith and patience, they are the highest, don’t cheat in business, the pain is always clueless

It doesn’t cost anything

Xoxo…Kisses and hugs, give only to those you truly love

You know yourself better, God knows you best

Zip up, Man up, Make up, Brace up, Wake up, Move up, Love up. Do the positive.

I wonder why I call it alphabetical love…

Written by: Ajala Sodiq. He is a guest author on Knowbaseconsult. To read more of his poems, visit his portal –MindThreaders.

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