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In 2005, a Presidential Standing Committee on Inventions and Innovations was set up to:

i. Encourage innovations and inventions in technology in Nigeria.
ii.Examine any research claims and access what can be done to take such claims to prototype and commercial level; and
iii. Suggest how funds could be sourced to finance the various stages of development from prototype to commercialization.

The Committee has commenced its assignment and has established a databank on Discoveries, Inventions and Innovations in Nigeria. The data will facilitate the process of technology assessment, evaluation and Government support for commercialization.

a. The sectors covered by the PSCII mandate include

  • Natural and Basic Sciences;
  • Agriculture
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Building and Construction
  • Oil and Gas and fossil fuels
  • Non-fossil fuels
  • Space Science and Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Biotechnology and
  • New/advanced materials

b. Inventors and Innovators are hereby to apply for registration with the PSCII using the following guidelines

i. Application must clearly contain:

  • The name(s);
  • The work address of applicants;
  • The title of projects;
  • Available research facilities used; and

All other important documents such as feasibility studies, and the engineering drawing of the invention/innovation (where applicable).

Application must specify the utility and benefits of the products/process to the economy over existing product/process (if any) and must contain full technical concept/information about the product/processess;

ii. Application must indicate the market potential and cost competitiveness of the product/process compared to existing product/processes (if any)

iii. Applications must indicate if patents have been applied for. Where a patent or copyright has already been secured/obtained for the invention or innovation, details should be provided;

iv. The total funds expended on the project and the source(s) of such funds should be provided with the application.

v. Estimates of the resources (capital, service providers, etc) required to develop the product/process to pilot plant stage or full commercialization must be stated.

vi. Where already available, sample of products and the details of any market study and/or feasibility study should be provided.

vii. The environmental and safety factors to the products/process should be provided.

viii. Applications should indicate the phase of development to which commercialization has reached i.e whether it is at the conceptual, development, prototype, or start-up phase.

ix. All application must show Strategic Business Plan. A copy of such plan should be brought along to the interview.

x. Where multiple scientists, inventors and innovators are involved, they must all be listed on the application.

xi. Where primary or preliminary agreements and/or contracts have been entered into with any investor or other party, or any legal institution, details of agreement/contraccts should be stated on the application; and

xii. Where an applicaton has more than one invention or innovation, application for support should be made separately for each invention/innocation.

c. All interested Researchers/Inventors/Innovators should submit their applications not later than 22nd October, 2014 to the address below

The Permanent Secretary (FMST)/ Chairman PSCII
PSCII Secretariat, 6th Floor
Block E, Room 601, Federal Secretariat Complex,
Phase II
Abuja, Nigeria.

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