FREED BY PATRIOTISM; RE-ENSLAVED BY GREED”, I hope the title of this reflection delivers my Independence message to my fellow countrymen.

The sign of victory that the independence held in 1960 has turned a sign of defeat 53 years on. Sometimes, I am forced to imagine Nigeria as a better country if it administration was left to the colonial masters  up till the late 70s.

The mess we find ourselves as a nation is attributable to the failure of leadership. Leadership fueled by Greed. Critical studies of Nigeria as a nation show that it has never been united and the leadership has never had a common front, goal.

The power sector remains a quick example of how our leaders never had a common front. Successive administrations have come up with their vague goals. These Goals have never been achieved; from Obasanjo’s NEEDS, to Ya’aduas SEVEN POINT Agenda and now President Jonathan’s Transformation agenda.

How does one explain that the present political office holders have their tenure expire in 2015, yet (for many) their primary focus is how to succeed themselves in 2015? Our leaders have become our greatest oppressors. A quick analysis of the various sectors, Agriculture, Health, Education, Technology, Power shows that nothing is working at the moment.

The follower-ship is not left out of the blame; the “I don’t care” attitude put up by many Nigerians is not helping matters. We forget that we are part of Government. Citizens who earn their living through sycophancy and as political thugs are not doing the nation any good.

At the moment we have a democracy, that is “a government of the leaders, by the leaders, for the leaders”.

Our only hope as a people is a change of attitude; leaders and followers alike must let go of greed, religious bigotry, nepotism and work towards a common goal. The goal of creating the Nigeria of our dreams, the Nigeria that Anthony Enahoro and other great Nationalist moved the motion of Independence for over 53 years ago.

God, save Nigeria!

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