NIGERIA: 1 REASON TO BE HOPEFUL Nigerian, I have had a broad thought

about the state of events in Nigeria;

I found 999999 reasons to lose faith in Nigeria.

Many things are not just right.

I will save you the long list of woes;

list that fill my eyes with tears.

In my thought, I found 999999 reasons to lose faith

but found 1 reason to be hopeful.


This 1 reason gives me the courage to hope.

You wonder what this hope is founded on;

It is not the coming of a Messiah

Neither is it a massacre of the present crop of leaders.


My hope is founded on YOU,

To lose faith in Nigeria; is to lose faith in you.

I refuse to lose faith in you.


Fellow Nigerian, the greatest threat to

our peaceful co-existence is the divide across

ethnic, religious lines.

This is exemplified by recent happenings, events.


We must not allow this to continue

It is the greatest threat to our continued existence.

Together we can fight corruption and all other

ills that threaten the development of our nation.


I looked up to the skies, and found these words  written on the clouds

I look up to you for a change”;

That must be Gods charge to You and I

We are His representative in Nigeria; shall we now fail Him?


Together , you and I must have a positive mental

attitude towards our Nation.

This must reflect in our actions, utterances, thoughts and belief.


I wish you a great December and Lastly,

Thank you for giving me 1 reason to HOPE.


By Olorunfemi Babatunde

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