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michelle and anthony consulting lagos Nigeria

michelle and anthony consulting NigeriaWelcome Michelle and Anthony Consulting was incorporated in 2003 as a multi-disciplinary consultancy ….Our success is based upon the dedication for excellence of the organization and that of the education institutions we represents.

What this means is that when you enter our office you will be treated with care, concern and professionalism so that you will have a very real opportunity to realize you dreams

Plot 688G, Somide Odujinrin Street,
Omole Phase II, Lagos
Phone:+234 805 623 3207, +234 1 826 1278
Email: info@michelleandanthony.com.ng [/tcontent]
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michelle and anthony consulting lagos Nigeria

Michelle and Anthony Consulting was incorporated in 2003 as a multi-disciplinary consultancy outfit with the following subsidaries operating under its umbrella:- Capri financ and investment Company Limited, VOAJ Ventures and Garden Creations.

Our success is based upon the dedication for excellence of the organization and that of the education institutions we represents. What this means is that when you enter our office you will be treated with care, concern and professionalism so that you will have a very real opportunity to realize you dreams.

As one of the leading education representatives in Africa, the organization is able to offer to you a huge range of education and training opportunities overseas. Most of the students we advise will go to the United Kingdom and Ukraine to further their education although others will go to other countries such as, the United States, Australia, Poland, France and the Czech Republic. In this way we are able to offer to you the very best of international education from around the world. We are always looking for new opportunity for our students.

An international education has a lot to offer you, it provides a great variety of opportunity for you to develop your skills, intellectual and other wise, to discover new talents, and to meet people with interest like your own from around the world. Academically, this is a stimulating challenge, your abilities and motuintion will be stretched as you study and complete with students from many different countires; of different religions: from different cultures and backgrounds, all with one common goal and that is to challenge their determination, commitment and ability and ultimately to get the best qualification that they can achieve. This achievement will be testimony to our help and advice.

To study oversea will teach you lessons in life that would otherwise be lost at home. You will learn to be understanding and accommodating with people from foreign lands whatever their creed. You will participate in an education system enhanced by the latest didactical techniques, modern recourses and the latest technology. Finally, you will be awarded an international recognized degree that will ensure you have better prospects for the future. Michelle and Anthony is the link between you and your future international education.

See a full list our affiliate Schools 

Our Mandate as Career Councellors

As students counsellor for several years, advising laterally hundred of young people in Nigeria on their education and careers, we consider ourselves as experts. There is no doubt that many countires in the world can offer good education opportunities and in these countires there are many excellent institutions. Making a choice can be awesome – which country, where in the country, which institution and so on. These are important and challenging questions.

However, as a parent you have an even more demanding challenge and that is, choosing an institution where your ward will be happy and healthy. This is vital if you want your wards to fulfill their potential.

Alongside their academic consideration, it will also be your hope that the experience of international education will be character building. When we choose an institution to represent and then recommend it to you, we do not look superficially at the structure of that institution, we look closely at the heart of the institution. We expect that the institution will guide and advise your ward to help build a positive and caring character that you can be proud of. Our aim is that as part of your wards education abroad, they will learn some of the many lessons of life, such as:

  • Integrity – To be honest and sincere and of sound moral principle
  • Common sense – To use good judgment
  • Responsibility – To be accountable for their actions
  • Co-operation – To work together toward a common goal and purpose
  • Friendship – To make and keep friends of different cultures, creeds or religion through mutual trust and caring.
  • A sense of Humour – To laugh without hurting others
  • Organization – To plan, arrange and keep things in an orderly manner
  • Effort – To work to the best of their ability
  • Initiative – To do something because it NEEDS to be done
  • Flexibility -The ability to alter plans when necessary
  • Perseverance – To continue inspite of difficulties
  • Problem Solving – To seek solutions to diffult problems
  • Curiosity – A desire to LEARN about ones world
  • Caring – To feel concern for others and to demonstrate this
  • Networking – To meet and find out how people from different part of the world act and think, and to understand them.

 I am sure that you will agree that if we can together achieve this, coupled with a successful academic education, then your investment in your wards education will have been well worth it.

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Brief description

Michelle & Anthony Consulting Overseas Studies Scholarship Opportunities (MACOSSO) is an initiative to encourage students’ optimum performance in their various academic pursuits.

The 2013/2014 Edition is restricted to Nigeria citizen only to complement the effort of both Federal and State government concerted effort to achieve sustainable education developmental goal. It also meant to give equal opportunities to all interested Nigerians irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds.

Click here to apply (Requires ₦10,000 application fee. See details below )

Accepted Subject Areas?
Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Law, Accounting, Economics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sports

Country of Study
Scholarships will be awarded for studies in the United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Turkey, Canada and Germany for the 2013/2014 session.

Level of Study
Undergraduate and Postgraduate

About Scholarship
Michelle & Antony Consulting offers the Michelle & Anthony Overseas Studies Scholarship Opportunities – MACOSSO – for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who are citizens of Nigeria. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate scholarship will cover the full tuition fee and is currently available for the 2013/2014 academic year.


  • An electronic/online aptitude test will be taken by all candidates. The aptitude test (total 45 questions) will consist of questions from English, Mathematics, Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning. The test will be for a duration of 26 minutes.
  • Each candidate will be allowed to attempt only one online test.
  • For applications submitted on Saturday till Tuesday, online test will be on Wednesday while application submitted on Wednesday till Friday will have their online test on Saturday.
  • Authorization is required to take online test. Our authorization staff will only be available online between 10:30am and 1:30pm on these days. This applys only before MACOSSO application closing date.
  • All tests will contain different questions, and results are real time. Only applicants who have a minimum of 70% in the electronic/online aptitude test shall be shortlisted and invited for Final Electronic Test in our center on dates to be announced later.

Scholarship Type  
Full scholarship

Eligibility Requirement Applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of Nigeria
  • Have achieved a minimum of four (4) Distinctions – A and two (2) Credits – C at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications and minimum requirement of Second Class Upper at University Level, in addition to a minimum of four (4) As at O’Level for Postgraduate applications .
  • Have achieved Distinctions – A in Biology and Chemistry at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications for Medicine and Nursing, Distinctions – A in Mathematics and Physics at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications for the Engineering Courses, Distinctions – A in Economics & Mathematics at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications for Economics, Distinctions – A in Accounting & Mathematics at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications for Accounting, OR Distinctions – A in English and any other Art Subject at O’ Level for Undergraduate applications for Law.

For Student in Senior Secondary School (SSS 3) awaiting O’Level result, your Mock Examination Result must be in line with the requirements above. Michelle & Anthony Consulting will assist successful Undergraduate and Postgraduate candidates in securing admission into suitable Universities in the listed countries All required documentation including Original qualification documents listed on your online application including transcripts of results from institution (for postgraduate application) must be sent in hard copy to Michelle & Anthony Consulting Limited
14-16 Ladipo Kuku Street, Ikeja, Lagos immediately after an application is made.
How Many Scholarship Positions are available?  

What are the benefits?

The scholarship will cover a range of full overseas tuition fees for study in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree.

The MACOSSO Scholarships do NOT provide financial support in the form of a living allowance, nor does it provide for the cost of visa application, Overseas Student Health Cover, airfares, accommodation, conferences or other costs associated with study.

How long will sponsorship last?
The full sponsorship will be offered for the duration of the undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme

What time of year does MACOSSO Application Close?
For 2013 Academic Session – From 17th December, 2012 – 31st March, 2013[/tcontent]
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Head Office:
14-16 Ladipo Kuku Street,
Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State.
Tel. +234 805 623 3207,
+234 1 826 1278
E-mail- info@michelleandanthony.com.ng
Branches:Abuja Office
Tel: 0803 872 2411,
0818 116 6193
E-mail- info@michelleandanthony.com.ng
Sokoto Office:
Beside Remand Home R/About
Sheu Shagari Way, Sokoto, Sokoto State.
Tel. 0806 576 0787,
0807 526 8913
E- mail: info@michelleandanthony.com.ng

Ado-Ekiti Branch Office
Grace & Favour Mall, 117,
Iworoko Road, Adebayo,
Ado- Ekiti
Ekiti – State.
Tel. 07061830895.
E- mail: info@michelleandanthony.com.ng

Port-Harcourt Regional Office;
RIVER STATE. TEL. 08037045902
E-MAIL- abbey_adu@yahoo.com.

Delta Office
GlobalLinks &Services LTD Suite A 10,
Golden Plaza, Ogunu Road, Warri,
Delta State,
Tel: 08035200478,

UK Office
20 Boneta Road London SE18 5NG Tel. 07883454950

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You will get a response to your enquiry within a period of 24hours. Call Our Hotline Today: +234 805 623 3207


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