There will always be a high demand for engines, tools and machines that are more efficient and easier to use. As the population expands, increasing numbers of more advanced engines and machines are required. Mechanical engineers will be called upon for their skills and expertise.

What does a Mechanical Engineer do?
Mechanical engineering is a wide-ranging discipline within the engineering industry and can be applied to many different work settings. Mechanical engineers design, develop, test, work with and repair machines, engines, tools, turbines, generators, refrigeration systems, air-conditioning, industrial manufacturing equipment, elevators and manufacturing robots. Mechanical engineers can be found in the manufacturing and agriculture industries, as well as sales, maintenance and management.

What kind of training does a mechanical engineer need?
Most entry-level mechanical engineering jobs will require a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. Undergraduate mechanical engineering programs emphasize mathematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, engineering drawing (also referred to as Technical Drawing). A heavy emphasis is placed on general engineering principles and practices.
If you have always been fascinated by machines and engines, their working principles and prospect designing or creating new products to fulfill everyday needs, you are sure to find mechanical engineering a satisfying, fulfilling career choice.

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