Life in the slow lane by Bukola Bayo-Philips

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By Bukola Bayo-Philip 

When the doctor told Jason he had just about a month to live, following his deteriorating brain tumor, he sat dejected in the hospital lobby for the whole day. No friend, no family close by. Their absence -the cost of his ambition, and yet, just a couple of days to either exist or live. All his entire life has been in the pursuit of ‘everything’   that summed up to ‘nothing’. And now he sat lonely and empty; because he never really finished anything.

 When last did we really all think about taking life slow? If truly, like the popular saying ‘You Only Live Once’, then there should be a better way of living than speeding through each day like a jet, and wishing still that there could be more in a day than 24 hours. Life is sacred and should be lived at a leisurely pace, because there is still plenty of time to be dead, according to Hans Anderson.

From the moment we are born, we have had our days packed full of activities. Goals seem never to end, and so does hard work through all our green and grey days. There is just always more to do. Alarms by the bed side, to-do-lists on the refrigerator and reminders on our cell phones, all reminding us that there is no rest anywhere. But honestly, there is more to life than increasing its speed says Mohandas Gandhi. Rushing through life is rarely worth it, because one day we are going to realize that everything comes at its own time and pace.

So, do not feel guilty when next you are idle. Do not over-schedule your life (you might want to tell your Personal Assistant (P.A) not to do this as well). Live in the moment and forget about your fears and aspirations for a while. Take it easy on yourself, keeping it in mind that life will always go on; either you overwork yourself till you break down or not. Set fewer tasks and enjoy every task you do (play some music if the task is boring or sit on a hill if you need some concentration).

Do not be like Jason, shutting yourself up in the career zone until you realize you are one lonely and unhappy individual with no friends and family near. Take awkward selfies with friends. Reduce the fast foods and noodles, they only make your life run faster. Be interested in others (ask your colleague why he or she is wearing a long face or get a friend a bracelet). Understand the importance of vacation, enjoy little things about life. Find a hobby and do something that makes you laugh till your jaw aches. Finally, create some time alone each day to think and thank God about how lucky you are to be alive and well. Let time’s chariot speed fast; live slow! Trust me, there is no better way to live than to live now.

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