life as a seedWhat is a seed?

Do not look up a dictionary.

Not many people will answer this question correctly at one attempt?

Leave your answer as a comment to this post.

When a seed is sown, do you get a seed in return – probably not?

Most times you harvest fruits and get several seeds– True or false?

This is true for seeds that are planted, nurtured.


Many individuals pass through life without planting their seed.

Now you ask which seed I refer……

It is called talent; it comes in various forms, shapes and sizes.

No individual is without a seed.


A mustard seed grows into a big tree.

Do not neglect the seed you have pursuing one you do not need.

This reminds me of Acre of Diamond by Cornell Rusell

How a farmer sold his farmland in search of Diamonds

If only he dug around his farmland – he would have lived in affluence.

He died wretched searching for precious stones he had sold out.


For those who have sown their seeds;

It is not enough to sow a seed.

The seed must be cared for, nurtured.

This is achieved by application of manure, water.

For us human, the manure is practice, perseverance, belief, effort.


If you have sown a seed, and not getting the right results

find out what you are doing wrong

find out what those getting a good harvest are doing

learn from them.


Do not give up on your dreams, efforts

Harvest time is around the corner.

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