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The Nigerian Law School Theory Bar Exams Past Questions and Answers (2010 -2017) are available on Q and A App. These resources have been compiled to give Law students an insight on what to expect during the Nigerian Bar examinations and also give them an idea of how to answer the questions. The available Past Questions and Answers include:

  • Property Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Corporate Law Practice

Download Law School Exams Theory questions and answers (2010 – 2017) from the Professional Exams section of Q and A App. Install the App from Google Playstore.

questions and answersIt is instructive to note that, studying past questions and answers is not a replacement for studying notes provided by your Lecturers. Past questions should be considered as a boost towards your preparations. See below excerpts on how best to prepare for Law school exams, the advice is credited to one-time Director-General of the Nigerian Law school.

The Law school exam questions come in a way to test students problem solving skill/knowledge.  They must show that they understand the principles they are taught and then, of course, the relevant case law and statutory law to proffer logical answers that stands them in good stead.

There is a difference between answering questions in the university and Law school. So, if you don’t migrate from the ambivalent way of answering question in the university, where you can regurgitate what you are taught in the classroom, it may be difficult. From the regurgitation, the examiner in the university can find some answers relevant to the questions, but at the Law school, it is very empirical and the marking scheme is a guide. We have a standard marking scheme that is prepared by the examiners.

So, if you are off point, or you do not understand what the question is or your response is devoid of the content expected, you are not likely to do well. Here, you must acquire the knowledge. It is not a matter of crash programme or depending solely on past questions.

On why some students fail the Bar exams, he says “Some students, who, rather than reading legal books or literature, go about with past questions and answers only. By that, they limit their scope”.

Every examination at the Nigerian Law School is akin to a lawyer sitting down with a client and listening to the client’s story and proffering solutions to get relief for the client.

Students who excel at the Law school exams understand that tutorials, lectures, notes provided to them at the Law school are important.

Download Law School Bar Exams theory Questions and Answers (2010 – 2017) from the Professional Exams section of Q and A App. Install the App from Google Playstore.

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