Inspirational: A Chat with Nature.

Inspirational: A Chat with Nature.

chat with natureI had a walk with nature today, we spoke at length. Find an excerpt of our conversation.

Nature: Hello Tunde, look at me, what do you see?
Me: I see beauty, you are so beautiful.

Nature: (Nature smiled)Β Thank you for the compliment.
Me: But it is not a compliment, you are beautiful.

Nature: Ok. thank you. But beyond beauty, what else can you see?
Me: I can see…………, Nature I really don’t know what you are driving at.

Nature: Never mind, I will tell you what I have in mind. I have this to say to all humans
Me: Ok, I am listening.

Nature: You just said I am beautiful
Me: (I nodded in agreement).

chat with nature

Nature: So what is special about my beauty?
Me: There you go, tell me what you have to say.

Nature: Look at the flowers, Β vegetation’s
see how beautiful they look. It is a lesson for all humans.
Practise good hygiene, eat good food, look good and be good.

Me: Oh…. Thank you. is that all you have to say?

chat with nature

Nature: Do not be in a hurry (Pointing to the sky)
Look at the sun, it ray is a blessing to all of mankind.
So must your life be a blessing to all around you.
Your way of life must be a ray;
a guide to the child who has lost his way to bad peer influence
a light to the stranger who has no place to rest is head.
a light to the dying soul who needs a shoulder to lean on.

Me: I looked on in amazement.

Nature: The oceans never run dry.
An ocean is a collection of streams, rivers
So must you preserve humanity.
by upholding the dignity of life.
See every human as precious; a reflection of God.

(Nature asked, are you still in haste? can i continue……..)

Me: I am not in any haste. Speak on please.

chat with natureNature: I take my source from an infinite source
The same applies to you, your creator (mine too)
His a source of infinite resource and grace.

A tree planted by the waters brings forth good fruits in due season.
As you purse your goals, take your source in God,
imbibe the right attitude;
in good time, you shall reap a bountiful harvest of your effort.

(Nature stole a glance at me)

Nature: You appear to be excited.

Me: Smiling… Yes, I am excited. I am listening, Speak on.

chat with natureNature: Like the mountains, be strong, firm.
Life is not without tides, waves, hard times.
When they come, do not lose your calm.
Be strong. Tough times don’t last, Tough people do.
That is Β all I have to say. See you some other time.

Me: But I am not hurrying anywhere. Speak on pls.

Nature: Thats all I have to tell you my friend. Have a great day.
Me: Have a great day too.

I hope you enjoyed my chat with nature. I just thought i should share it with you.

By: Olorunfemi Babatunde

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