ICT – Information, Children and Teens?

ICT – Information, Children and Teens?

protecting children onlineThe modern day parents do not have all the time to spare with their children. As I type this entry, thousands of teenagers across the world are accessing the internet without any form of parental guidance. While the internet is not a bad tool; it is important to admit that it has some negative sides.

The subjects of discussion on many social application chat rooms are polluted and are not safe for young children. Ironically, they are the majority on these platforms.

This article seeks to expose parents, guardians and adults to the good they will do society by feeding young minds with the right information, guiding them on the safe use of the internet and other ICT gadgets.

As a young child, I noticed that some newspapers in our home were neatly cut-out. These cut outs were made by mum. She had a habit of running her eyes through newspaper pages and cutting out information she finds valuable for keeps for her unborn, infant child.

Mum read the cuts-out information with me in my teen years. Explaining them in a way a young mind will comprehend. The information mum shared with me has shaped my life greatly and positively too. Let me share some with you.

One was an account of a man who died from a stray bullet. There was pandemonium in his neighborhood, rather than take cover, he choose to have an eye account of  the happenings. Unfortunately for him, a bullet caught him on his face. Till date, you will not find me where there is unrest, rowdiness. When there is an upheaval, I either leave that vicinity or take cover.

Another was about two children who fought in school. In the course of their fight, one slumped and died. She warns that fighting is not good as one cannot tell how healthy the other person is. Moreover, she will add, God loves peaceful children.

There is also a story of a 90 years old man who on his 90th birthday looked 60. People where curious to know what is secret was. When asked, he replied, “I have successful children”. Mums explanations were custom-made for my teenage mind. After each read, she will give an example. Like the last story; it teaches us to be attentive in class so that mum and dad will be happy.

These accounts happened 16 years ago. I have not forgotten nor derailed from the lessons I learnt from mum’s wisdom. Computing was not commonplace; I sometime imagine the beautiful approach she would have employed in teaching me computing –  if she had the knowledge.

With parental guidance, you will be amazed at what your child will make out of computing and the internet. There is an example of my 8 years old cousin, she was at my place yesterday and told me about a book she wants to publish.

During her visit, she created a document on my computer. She saved it with School, here is it an excerpt of it


     “ School is a memorable place, wonderful life and remarkable experience. Though there might be divas or bullies or nerds or mean teachers it is still a wonderful experience.


We have different levels like:

  • Primary school or elementary
  • Secondary school or college
  • University

But before all these levels we have crèche , beacons and nursery”.

I think this is commendable.

Bottomline: Children need parental guidance on the use of the internet, mobile phones, television and other ICT gadgets.

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