American now supports Terrorism?

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America as a nation has lost the respect and admiration I once had for it and have no moral justification to interfere in the affairs of any nation particularly on issues that bother on the respect and dignity of humankind. The legalization of same sex marriage and open support for abortion is a clear case of “HumanoTerrorism”. A term I coined to describe laws and acts that pose great danger to humanity.

By the legalization of same sex marriage, America as the most powerful and influential nation in the world laid a bad and shameful precedence. Their attempt to redefine marriage to accommodate same sex marriage is deceitful and misleading.

To individuals who say gays and lesbians are only exercising their rights to love and pose no harm to society; I label such pronouncements as shallow and attribute them to lack of in-depth thought and understanding of the subject. My thoughts on the implication of same sex marriage reveals that:

  • In no distant time, some set of advanced lesbians and gays will clamour for legalization of marriage between man & animal eg human and dog, human and monkey.
  • The sexual abuse of the male child will be on the rise.
  • Like deforestation, same sex marriage is dehumanization.
  • Like ozone layer depletion promoted by harmful, unsafe activities of man, same sex marriage will result to “marriage institution depletion”, which amounts to destroying the foundation on which marriage is built.
  • Unknown, deadly and untreatable diseases will be on the increase. Remember that AIDS is linked to human interaction with animal. The legalization of same sex marriage is an open invitation to the unknown.

To my fellow Africans, particularly those Nigerians who see nothing wrong with same sex marriage, I pray that your sons and daughters will someday bring their kind home as spouse. I hope you will give them your blessing when that time comes.

Fellow Nigerians, we have lost so much of our traditions, culture to westernization. We must not lose it all, we have our humanity to preserve. We must resist every pressure to see a woman as a man and vice versa. The acceptance of gay and lesbians in America signaled a lost battle; to a social problem. The powerful America lost the good fight!

We must not lose the fight like the Americans. One lesson they stand to learn from us is “marriage is an institution created for a man and woman”. They teach us technological sense, we have a responsibility to teach them moral sense.

If you agree with this message, pass it on.

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