How to Study for CIPM Examination

How to Study for CIPM Examination

3 Simple Rules I applied to Pass my CIPM Professional Exams (PE I)

I applied these ‘simple’ rules to prepare for CIPM Professional 1 exams. I am sharing it to guide individuals who are planning to sit for the exams.

Rule #1: Start Practising Way Ahead of the Examination

The CIPM study packs are voluminous. Start studying as soon as you decide to write the exams. It will save you time and expel anxiety. Delay is DANGEROUS.

For candidates who are employed and can hardly make out time due to the nature of their jobs; dedicate two hours a day to studying. This could be either the first thing you do after waking up or the last thing you do before hitting the bed.

In any case, try as much as possible to cover 2-3 chapters daily.

Rule # 2: Cover Every Topic and Chapters in Your Study Pack

My initial thoughts before writing the exams was that it wasn’t possible for the institute to draw questions from all the topics in the study packs…I was wrong. Be prepared for questions from every single topic in your study pack.

In order not to be caught unawares, I strongly advise that you cover the syllabus from top to bottom. Leave no stone unturned.

questions and answersAlso review past questions and answers to test your progress and readiness. It will give you insight to the examiner’s expectations. I sourced Past Questions and Answers on Q and A App. You’d find free Study Packs on the App too. Install the App from Playstore 

Rule # 3: Use the Internet – Research!

At a point, I was ‘fed up’ with the study packs. I got on the web and was amazed at the loads of relevant information that made studying easier. I watched YouTube videos that simplified the dreaded Operations Research. I listened to audio files and read information on forums that discussed CIPM related topics.

Finally, do not be afraid of ‘roadblocks’ that may come your way.  Decide in ADVANCE that you will prepare and sit for the exams COME WHAT MAY.

I hope these few tips are helpful in your journey to passing your examination.

Love and Light

Suleiman Sa’adu – Twitter handle @Slumbee45

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