how to identify an half baked graduate

Not sure of what it means to be a half-baked graduate? Let’s find out if you are one

  • Have you graduated for over 5 years and have not secured a job?
  • You have not enrolled for your masters degree.
  • You have never considered self-employment.
  • You are blaming your uncles, aunties and relatives for your situation.
  • You have not made any attempts at self-development through self-studying, attending seminars and workshops.

If the 5 descriptions above holds true for you, you have passed the half-baked graduate test and constitute a liability to this nation. If they do not describe you, Congratulations!

The high unemployment rate among the youth is not entirely the government or tertiary institutions fault. Some unemployed graduates are best described as horses who have been forced to the river but cannot be forced to drink water. Yet they complain of thirst, some even die of thirst right in the middle of the stream – what an irony!

who is an half baked graduateMany graduates are yet to grasp the essence of education, they see it as obtaining a certificate which qualifies them to secure a job and in turn puts food on their table. Listen graduate! What puts food on your table is “Applied education!” Applied knowledge!” It is the application of the knowledge obtained that makes the difference between a complete and half-baked graduate, therefore, the real certificate lies in your brain and your actions/activities.

As an undergraduate, you carried out a research in your final year as part of the requirements for obtaining a degree. The research involved identifying a problem, solving a problem, advancing a cause, substantiating a fact, complementing an existing knowledge etc

Your final year project was more than a partial requirement for obtaining a degree/certificate. It was to equip you for life after school. It tells you that to be truly relevant in the real world, you have to contribute knowledge, solve problems which may require application of the skills you acquired in the course of your academics.

If as an undergraduate you put in so much effort in choosing a research topic, you sourced the finance to construct a refrigerator, bought expensive reagents, developed, administered and analyzed questionnaires, much more is expected from you as a graduate. How many problems have you spotted as a graduate? How many of those problems have you researched about with a view of finding solutions to them? How relevant was your final year project? These my friend are the hallmark of successful people, they are problem solvers, solution finders and innovators.

The same apply to those in paid employment, you must work hard not to settle for a routine life. Always task your mind on how you can deliver you job better, faster an easier.

To be a half bake graduate is a choice. Those affected have an option to remake themselves into well and richly “baked” members of the society.

I’ll to read your comments to this article.

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