How to get a Graduate Entry Job in Nigeria


educational mobile App for Nigerian students**There are four ways of getting a Graduate entry Job in Nigeria, find out which one works for you.
**Job seekers are often in a rush to purchase all kinds of Job test study packs… find out the two most important study packs you should get.

This guide is meant to inform and prepare you for your first job as a graduate. I am assuming that you have completed your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme and looking out for a graduate job opportunity.

My cousin who just completed her National Youth Service recently wrote the online test of a New generation bank. After completing the test, she got on the phone with her friend, I overheard their conversation (let’s assume her friends name is Julie):

My Cousin: Babe, have you written the test?
Julie: No

My Cousin: “No use phone o”. Go to a Cyber Café and make sure their internet connection is good.
Julie: Ok. Thank you. So how did the test go?

My Cousin: Babe, it is not funny. I can’t tell anyone my score not even you… “no be small thing o”.

She refused to tell me her score as well. She admitted that she did not prepare for the online test. In hindsight, she valued my advice about the need to properly prepare for the test. I even told her to source reliable study materials from the Job test Section of Q and A App – the materials include Past Questions and Answers for Banking Jobs.

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questions and answersThe four major ways of getting a Graduate entry job includes,
• Standard recruitment procedure
• By volunteering
• Through internship
• By referral/”connection”

I will dwell on the standard recruitment procedure. Irrespective of the route you decide to take, you’d need to prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and I am assuming you have a “Winning CV”, if you have not prepared your CV, you will find sample CVs at the Job Test section of Q and A App.

The typical entry route for a fresh graduate requires submitting a CV, writing a job test and being interviewed. In Nigeria, most established organisations outsource their recruitment process to Human Resource organisations, the two popular agencies in Nigeria are Dragnet and Workforce Group.

To pass either of Dragnet and Workforce Group Job test, adequate preparation is key. The test questions are based on Numerical, Verbal, Quantitative and Abstract reasoning questions. The test questions are not difficult but you need to get yourself familiar with the question types by studying Past Questions and Answers. The good news is that Dragnet and Workforce group Job Test Past questions and answers are available for download on the Job test Section of Q and A App.

Job seekers are often in a rush to purchase all kinds of Job test study packs. From experience and having passed 5 out of 6 job test exams I sat for shortly after graduation (these tests were conducted by either of Dragnet or Workforce group), being familiar with dragnet and workforce group Job test material is enough preparations to pass any Job test, including those of the International Oil companies and Banks. There are a few exceptions…. KPMG Job test.

Do not wait until you are invited for a job test before studying the Job test materials. Ensure that you have a remarkable CV that is tailored to the Job roles you apply for. Do not forget that without a good CV you are not likely to be invited to write a Job test.

After sitting for and passing a Job Test, an interview is likely to follow. Again, when you are invited for a job interview, learn more about the job role you applied for and ensure to make enquiries on how the organization conducts their interviews ( may be useful) and prepare accordingly. If possible, reach out to your contacts that work with the organization. You will find top interview questions and answers from the job test section of Q and A App.

If you find this information useful, please share it with young graduates within your circle. Are you a professional with years of experience and willing to share your experience with knowledge seekers? Document your thoughts and share it with us via, we would publish it on our online platforms and upload it to the career section of Q and A App.

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Are there other ways of getting a Graduate entry job that are not mentioned in this article? Please your thoughts with us.

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