How Long Does Success Take?

How Long Does Success Take?

how long does it take to successHere is an extract from  HOW LONG DOES SUCCESS TAKE by Dr.Mani. It is hoped that you will find the motivation to look beyond your present circumstances and purse your goals, life ambition.

“In real life, I’m a heart surgeon treating children born with heart defects. They’ve taught me a lot, these ‘Little Wonders’. Life dealt them a bad hand. Many won’t see their tenth birthday, or fifth – or even their first. Unless they have major surgery.

Their lives are on hold, under threat… all the time. But they smile. Laugh. Play. And LIVE. They are survivors. Warriors in the battle of Life. And winners! They inspire me.

What inspires you? Why do you do what you do? What purpose drives you to achieve more, get better, keep on persisting?
Identify it. Tap into the power of it. Use it to inspire your thoughts and deeds… to fuel your success.

Choose Success

Imagine driving in a car to a place you want to go, and the road gets bumpy. What do you do?

  • You could stop, get out of the car, and curse your bad luck
  • You could turn your car around and go back to the smooth, quiet road to nowhere Or…
  • You could keep going on, determined to get where you’re going – and knowing things will get better when you reach there.

Not just keep going, but actually ENJOY the ride. And even be thankful that you’ve got a car, and that you know the way!”

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