How do we tackle our problems in Nigeria?

How do we tackle our problems in Nigeria?

MY daughter who is hopeful of securing admission into the university next year has suddenly decided against applying into any Nigerian university.

As an average Nigerian man who cannot afford to send her to the United Kingdom or the United States for her tertiary education, I have been concerned of late on how I would convince her to study in the country.

In fact, she does not seem to trust any Nigerian university again, including the private varsities. She now wants to travel to Ghana to study for her first degree.

How have we found ourselves in this mess? First, most companies in the country began relocation to Ghana due to the epileptic power supply which was eating deep into their profits as a result of running of diesel.

Now, some of our wealthy individuals no longer trust our country. They now keep their wealth in Ghana. There is this rumour doing the rounds that a former Nigerian governor had invested his ill-gotten wealth in Ghana, and if he ever pulled them out, the West African nation would go bankrupt.

At the last count, it was reported that over 85,000 Nigerian students are studying in Ghana. We have lost so much to Ghana, whose citizens were dependent on us in the 1980s before we threw them all out.

The ongoing strike in the nation’s universities is not helping matters, although, the lecturers claim that they are fighting for the entire system.

A lot of things are wrong with our country, and we must all admit this.

Nigeria is like a man who has headache, stomach ache, swollen legs, ear pain, cough and different kinds of illnesses at the same time.

In this case, it is just  so confusing to know which to attend to first.

Should our government face education first? Or health, bad roads, corruption, security? I am just confused on how and if we will ever get things right.

News Source: Tribune.

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