How a Lean Six Sigma Certification will Boost your Career

How a Lean Six Sigma Certification will Boost your Career
Lean Six Sigma Certification in Nigeria

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

In this fast paced world, companies have come to realize that they are either continuously improving or they are regressing, this realization has seen them give priority to skilled personnel who have the knowledge/skill sets to initiate, drive and manage work processes.

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that allows breakthrough improvements in processes and systems. It enables less variation in processes as well as more efficient production cycles, higher quality and fewer defects.

Process improvement has become a necessity in order for organisations to stay in the game. This emphasis the relevance and value attached to professionals knowledgeable in this field.

A Course in Lean Six Sigma will put you in good position to guide your organisation to achieve it set objectives and ultimately fulfill it vision.

Who should obtain a Lean Six Sigma Certificate?
1. Individuals who want to acquire process improvement skills.
2. Managers.
3. Chief Executive officers/Director.
4. Prospective managers.

In summary, Lean has to do with reducing waste and cost while Six Sigma has to do with increasing profitability and while reducing variation.

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