Focus- Requirement for Academic Success

Focus- Requirement for Academic Success

student reading at schoolFocus is a very popular word, popular but only a few can be credited with knowing the true meaning of the word. It is a five letter word that shapes and bends destinies.

Focus as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learners dictionary is giving attention, effort etc. To one particular subject, situation or person rather than another, it goes further to say, to adapt or be adjusted so that things can be seen clearly. If you want to ponder on these definitions, you would discover some salient points (i) … One thing … Rather than another (ii) … So that things can be seen clearly.

Focus makes you concentrate on one thing to achieve rather than dabble into many things for fun. Focus will keep you doing one thing at a time. Focus moves the log, clears the fog and makes vision clear.

In an academic environment, the decision to succeed or fail is a function of your focus because focus is a magnetic force which pulls success towards your direction. It is the illumination light that breaks hazy and foggy clouds of failure and replaces it with astounding success. Focus is a safety belt that keeps you on the track of success.

Focus is an all-time best setter in the genre/realm of success achievement. A man of God once said “ nothing deters a man who is determined to succeed” so if you want to be someone to be reckoned with in your academics, get your focus in.

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