This story is a blend of fiction + reality, enjoy it.feces agenda

During a meeting of Federation of Catholic Engineering students (FECES), Anis the president of the group rose to address the group members.

Here is a background to the activities of the group. FECES group is made up of Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural, Civil Engineering undergraduates. Their primary aim is to put their creativity to use for the benefit of their Chaplaincy. Their last project was an automatic lightening system for STAC (St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy) altar. The meeting also served as an avenue for members to share knowledge. This is reflected in their meeting Agenda.

  • Opeining prayer
  • Praise and Worship
  • Minutes of Last meeting
  • Introduction of members
  • Technical Talk
  • Questions and Answer session
  • Safety tip
  • Yearly Project for chaplaincy
  • Any other business (AOB)
  • Adjournment
  • Closing Prayer

The high point of the meeting is the technical talk. Technical talks are assigned randomly among their members. The technical presentation is aimed at preparing the members on how to make presentation; building their confidence quotient.

On Mar 13, 2008, the Technical talk did not hold, the undergraduate who was assigned to give the talk took ill and did not notify the president in good time. In place of the technical talk, the president spoke on effective study habit

He began his talk by throwing a question at Segun (Segun is a 300 Level undergraduate of Civil Engineering), “what is bending moment?” After a failed attempt, Segun, said in pidgin English “Presido, I don forget that wan after last session exam”. (Meaning: I cannot recall the definition; I only studied it to pass last sessions examination).

On this note, the president reached for his folder, took out some photocopied notes. He circulated it amongst the group members; and began his talk…… FECES!!! (He came across the article while reading newspapers at the news section of the University Library. As a good leader, he thought it wise to share it with other members of his group).

The members responded, For Creativity!!!! That is the slogan of the group. The president and other members precede their speech with the slogan. The distributed material read, “10 ways for effective studying”.

Seguns CGPA at the end of 200L was 2.85. As the president proceeded with the talk, you could see a spark in Seguns eyes – he needed it more than others.

Beginning from number 1 to 10, the group read and discussed each method described in the printed paper.

At the end of the meeting, Segun approached the president and thanked him for the sharing. Anis noticed the look on Seguns face during the talk. I hope you gained some knowledge from todays meeting queried Anis. Very well president, can I ask you a question? Go ahead, My CGPA at the end of 200 Level is 2.85. Can I still graduate with a cumulative grade of Second Class Upper. (A grade btw 3.50 – 4.49).  Anis response was in the affirmative.

Later that night, he read through the distributed material. Numbers 5, 7 appealed to him. No 5 read, Association”. No 7 reads, Reviewing”.


The concept of association is the process by which an individual relates (associates) a new information with an existing fact, knowledge or information.

An educated memory depends upon an organized system of associations. The secret of a good memory is thus the secret of forming diverse and multiple associations with every fact we care to retain.

Our mind is essentially an association machine Supposing I was having a dialogue with you and then suddenly went silent for a moment and then say in a commanding tone:

REMEMBER! RECOLLECT! Does your faculty of memory obey the order and reproduce any definite image from your past? Certainly not! Your memory (mind) goes blank. At this moment, your mind needs a “cue”’.

But if I say remember the date of your birth or remember your brother’s name, your faculty of memory immediately produces the required result. The “cue” determines its vast set of potentialities towards a particular point. The cue is something contiguously associated with the thing recalled. The words date of birth have an ingrained association with a particular number, month and year.

Of two men with the same outward experience the one who thinks most over his experiences and weaves them into the most systematic relations will be the one with the best memory.


if you will ask and answer these questions about any new fact

  • What is this?
  • Why is it so?
  • How is it so?
  • Who said it is so?

That process will help to weave them together into a systematic relation.


(Carryout this activity 30mins to the end of every study session) A review is a survey of what you have covered. It is a review of what you are supposed to accomplish, not what you are going to do. Rereading is an important part of the review process. Reread with the idea that you are measuring what you have gained from the process.

During review, you have a good time to go over your notes and thereby clarify points that you don’t understand, and also fill up points formerly missed out.

feces agendaIn his final year, Segun was became the president of FECES group, he graduated with a grade above 3.5. The information learnt turned his studying habits and grades around.

This experience made him see information as light. “Word is Light”, “Information is Power” became his favourite cliché. He vouched to share his knowledge with everyone who cares to listen. This is now a reality in www.knowbase.appswheel.com A platform where students meets with educational counselors and abroad placement agencies, access education advice and materials.

He also uses www.neeksta.com as a channel to reach is audience. Join him for a FREE WORDPRESS (website designing) training on neeksta.com from Dec 16-20, 2013 follow this link to register . He is set to publish his first book CROSSING BORDERS a guide for secondary school students, undergraduates of all tertiary institutions – ensure to get a copy when it is out for sale. You can contact him via mirthfemi@appswheel.com

 Lesson to be learnt from this story.

1. Anis demonstrates the quality of a good leader. He could have kept the knowledge of effective studying to himself – he shared it with others.

2. It is beneficial to associate with good groups in  tertiary institution. Bad company corrupts good manners; good company enhances good manners.

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