article on familyI watched a programme on the television recently. It was called ‘50 ways to kill your mother’ and it made quite interesting viewing.

A son took his elderly mother on adventures of a lifetime in order that she might experience some real thrills in life and not just sitting in the house waiting for death. She was taken dancing in a musical production in Bangkok, catch a crocodile and ride a scary roller coaster in Florida, United States. He did not really want to kill her, you understand. But, it makes a nice title and a great programme.

Similarly, I know you do not want to kill your husband but you may be doing so inadvertently. I will speak to you only about four ways to kill your husband and get away with murder! If that is what you want.

Stress and nagging

Stress can cause sleep disorders, leaving one fatigued and prone to accidents, illness, anxiety, nervousness and irritability, making it difficult to get along with people. It can affect concentration, making someone perform poorly at home or on the job. It can weaken the immune system, making your husband more susceptible to colds and other diseases, possibly even some types of cancer.

The dictionary description of nagging is to annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging. Furthermore, nagging is to torment persistently with anxiety or pain. It is another major way in which women cause havoc in the home. It has been noted to be a key contributing factor in many conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, headache, and arthritis.

Another means of fomenting trouble is through sexual starvation. As written by Chukwuneta Oby in recentPUNCH edition, men are frustrated with women because they never seem to want sex. Men blame women that they only talk about love but do not want to prove it by putting out. Therefore, many of the heartbreaks left in the wake of most relationships are due to undue expectations, especially as regards sexual matters.

So if you are causing him untold stress and anxiety, you may be pushing him towards the grave slowly, but surely. As Natalie Goldberg says, stress is a disconnection from the earth. Seriously, stress is something you should avoid in your relationship. The pressure could cause stroke and disconnect your man.


Stroke is the acute and dramatic onset of severe headache, weakness of an arm or a leg, problems with speech, blindness, or confusion, which is often caused by interruption of the blood supply to the brain or indeed bleeding into brain tissue. It can be caused by hypertension, which leads to bursting of the blood vessels in the brain. It can also be caused by obstruction of the blood vessels by debris, such as fat and blood clots. The fat in food leads to obesity and clogs up the blood vessels.

So, what are you feeding your husband? Rich food, fatty food, huge plateful and lots of meat? It may be leading to fat, obesity and preparing him for a stroke in the future. The way to the heart of a man is through his stomach, they say. One way to kill him may also be through his fat stomach!

Heart attacks

Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries bring blood and oxygen to the heart. If the blood flow is blocked, the heart is starved of oxygen and heart cells die. This causes a severe chest pain that takes your breath away, makes you feel faint and can lead to death.

Well, heart attacks can be caused by the same problems that cause strokes. However, a lack of exercise can contribute, especially in big, fat men. Does your husband do any exercise – and I do not mean just horizontally? Does he go for walks, run, jog or even dance? Are you helping him, supporting him and going along with him or are you a hindrance? Do you nag him, telling him he is too old for exercise? What do you have to gain?

Sudden Death Syndrome

Sudden Death Syndrome is defined as a non-violent unexpected death resulting from cardiac arrest or stroke within as little as six hours of previously witnessed normal health. Sudden death syndrome is often caused by sudden heart attack (cardiac arrest) and sudden brain attack (stroke). Both are more likely in patients with hypertension and diabetes. It is often difficult to consider that someone who is apparently fit may be at risk of sudden death. However, some are people who are actually the ‘walking dead’. These are people who are sick but just do not know it or do not care.

Is your husband diabetic or hypertensive? Then, you need to encourage regular exercise, watch his diet and ensure he takes his medications as prescribed. Also, encourage him to go for clinic reviews and medical examinations yearly or more often if recommended by the doctor. This is the least you can do to prevent stroke, heart attacks and sudden death in your family.

By the way, October is Stroke Awareness Month, so if you enjoyed this article, please support stroke action, Nigeria in any way you can. Share the article, engage with friends, family and call us for other ways you can help our advocacy, especially with donations. Call Florence on 0818 999 9902 or email me today!

NB: Not everyone in a white coat is a doctor: Ask for a real doctor!

Written by: Dr. Biodun Ogungbo

Culled from: The Punch

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