Education Through Games: Play & Learn

Education Through Games: Play & Learn

There are many solid studies that have shown that games regarded as an imaginative form of play can be used as an effective education tool in the classroom or at home. They are often times used as complimentary learning methods in addition to the classic stand-and-deliver instructions provided by teachers. And they can considerably stimulate abstract imaginative thinking. According to famous learning theorists like Jean Piaget or Lev Vygotsky, playtime can help children achieve goals they are yet unable to reach in real life.

The Importance Of Educational Electronic Games

Learning through play includes the use of essential social skills such as collaboration, as well as narrative, and performance.

  • While historical event reenactment and roleplaying are excellent examples of fun activities that boost education, there are also video games that can teach important math or science concepts and show kids how they work in real life.
  • New technologies are constantly being introduced to the teaching process; over 97 percent of all American teenagers play video games and the numbers aren’t low when it comes to the adults who enjoy playing video games: 53 percent. The video gaming industry is worth $90 billion and growing constantly.
  • Adults who also enjoy playing cash games like casino or lottery also come to strengthen our initial theory: games can be fun and useful at the same time.
  • A game of blackjack will help one fast arithmetic skills and even develop a reliable card counting system that will help him win ore often; the game of roulette or lottery teaches how to use probabilities, statistics, and odds to one’s best advantage.
  • For example, adults who like to play lottery online at are familiarized with the necessity to look at past results and dig deeper to reach results for older draws so they can mark their tickets with the numbers they find most suitable and also most likely to pop up. Games like the U.S.A. Powerball, Megamillions or the New York Lottery are some of the most popular American lotto games played at the moment by millions of players on a weekly basis.
  • There are plenty of lottery examples found inside school math books that teach odds and probabilities; this means parents with a passion for playing 6/49 games for a shot to win a life-changing prize can also take advantage of their passion and teach their children more about the use of statistics when marking their tickets. And they can do it online, from the comfort of their own home – and with plenty of lottery system tutorials and guides at hand to improve their chances of winning.
  • There are also additional advantages worth mentioning when using online platforms to play lottery on; players are allowed to purchase tickets for games in different countries or on different continents, hassle-free. They can also benefit from discounts – yet another opportunity to teach children all about percentages in a fun and entertaining manner.
  • Last but not least, children’s computer skills can be improved with the help of video games and other entertainment forms that can be found online.

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