essay on epileptic power supply in Nigeria

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Last night I laid on my back with eyes fixed on the ceiling. Noise generated from ailing generating sets 2.2Kva + 3.8KVA + 2.5KVA + “I pass my neighbor” etc rend the air. My neighbours who could not go to bed without electricity deprived me of sleep. My head ached badly, fumes filtered into my room.

While I prayed for sleep, I reached for my pen to share this lines with you.

Is it impossible to solve Nigeria’s electricity problem? I find it difficult to understand how a problem that existed before I was born remain unsolved till date. Some of my peers are married and have their own children; will these little ones grow up to face the same problem?

Does it mean that the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) particularly the Mechanical and Electrical engineers cannot do anything about epileptic power supply? Is it not possible they hold a POWER SUMMIT aimed at analyzing our power problems and propose a feasible and realistic solution to government?

Are there no Nigerian sons and daughters in the diaspora who can partner with the in-country professionals to light up Nigeria?

Successive governments has failed us in this country. The more emergency they declare on power, the less electricity supply we get. The present government is worse in this regard. They claim to have “doubled” the megawatt generated since assuming power, yet electricity supply has dropped by halve. If my memory serves me right P (electric power) = Voltage (V) x Current (I).  This shows that power has a direct relationship with Voltage. Which is not the case with President Goodlucks administration, for them Power bears an inverse relationship with Voltage.

Ouch! I need relieve from this headache, my eyes sore….please get me two (2) tabs of Panadol. The noise and fumes from these generators doing me great harm.

Please share your sleeping formula with me. How do you get sleep when your environment thunders with ailing generators? I earnestly await your response. Meanwhile I will stuff some cotton wool in my ears and hope to get some sleep.

Thanks in anticipation of your response. Goodnight and God bless.

Contributed by:

Olorunfemi Babatunde

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