Students who want to understand the causes of various economic phenomena such as inflation, deflation and deficit may decide to pursue an economics degree.It is a common myth that economics is all about mathematics, graphs, and statistics. In fact an economic student spends a lot of time studying various theories and applying them to real life situations. The truth is that economics aim to promote students analytic skills by teaching them the necessary knowledge to understand a situation and apply the appropriate theories or approach to predict the outcome

Course Entry Requirement
As UME pre-entry requirements into university, students will be required to write Mathematics, Economics and any of Government, History, Geography, Lit-in-English, French, French and CRK/IRK. Such a student is also expected to have
Five (5) ‘O’ level credit in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any other two (2) Arts or Social science subject.
For Direct entry, what is required is two (2) ‘A’ level passes to include Economics and any two of Arts or Social Science subjects.

Career Opportunities
With a career in Economics, you can work with corporate entities, financial institutions, private business organisations, government agencies, educational institution, development and research centers and non-profit organizations.

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