Download NOUN Law Faculty Past Questions and Answers


The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is a Federal Open and Distance Learning institution, the first of its kind in the West African sub-region. It is Nigeria’s largest tertiary institution in terms of student numbers and is popularly referred to as ‘NOUN’.

Faculty of  Law is one of its 8 Faculties.

The Under listed Exam Past Questions for Law Faculty are available for Download from the Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Past Question section of  Q and A App. Download Q and A App from Google Playstore. These includes Past questions and Answers for 100-500L.

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Programme Title: LLB Law

Course Code and Course Title
ECO121 Principles of Economics I
CSS131 Introduction to Political Science
CSS121 Introduction to Psychology
ENG113 Introduction to Nigerian Literature I
JIL111 Legal Methods I
CIT101 Computers In Society
CSS111 Introduction to Sociology
CSS132 Ethnography and social structure of Nigeria
CSS 134 Geography of Nigeria
ENG114 Introduction to Nigerian Literature II
CSS112 Sociology of Law
JIL112 Legal Methods II
CTH131 Introduction to Philosophy
GST102 Use of English & Communication Skills II
PUL241 Human Rights Law I
CLL231 Labour Law 1
CLL233 Law of Contract 1
PUL243 Constitutional Law I
JIL211 Nigerian Legal System I
POL121 Introduction to African Politics
POL123 Introduction to Public Administration
PUL242 Human Rights Law II
CLL232 Labour Law II
CLL234 Law of Contract II
PUL244 Constitutional Law II
JIL212 Nigerian Legal System II
INR111 Introduction to International Studies
PCR112 Democracy and Good Governance
PUL321 Environmental Law I
PPL323 Law of Torts I
CLL331 Commercial Transaction I
PUL341 Criminal Law I
CLL331 Commercial Transaction I
PPL343 Family Law I
POL124 Organization of Government
CIT102 Software Application Skills
INR112 Introduction to Law and Diplomacy in Pre-Colonial Africa
PUL322 Environmental Law II
PPL344 Family Law II
PPL324 Law of Torts II
CLL332 Commercial Transaction II
PUL342 Criminal Law II
BUS428 Business Policy & Strategy II
PCR111 Introduction to Peace Studies
PUL411 Oil and Gas Law I
PPL435 Law of Intellectual Property I
PUL443 Administrative Law I
PUL433 Law of Taxation I
CLL431 Law of Banking and Insurance I
JIL411 Criminology I
PUL445 Law of evidence I
PPL423 Equity and Trust I
PPL421 Land Law I
JIL412 Criminology II
SMS201 Business Statistics I
INR212 International Law and Diplomacy in the 20th Century
PUL434 Law of Taxation II
PPL436 Law of Intellectual Property II
PUL444 Administrative Law II
CLL432 Law of Banking and Insurance II
PUL446 Law of Evidence II
PPL424 Equity and Trust II
PPL422 Land Law II
PUL412 Oil and Gas Law II
CTH043 Philosophy of Religion
PPL517 Alternative Dispute Resolution I
PPL521 Conveyancing Law I
JIL511 Public International Law I
JIL513 Conflict of Laws I
CLL533 Company law and business association I
JIL515 Jurisprudence and legal Theory I
PPL518 Alternative Dispute Resolution II
JIL514 Conflict of Laws II
JIL512 Public International Law II
JIL532 Maritime law II
PPL522 Conveyancing Law II
CLL534 Company law and business association II
JIL516 Jurisprudence and Legal theory II


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