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The Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) is an Institute chartered by Act of parliament of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1992 with the responsibility of providing professional qualification for Stockbrokers and other Securities and Investment professionals.
The CIS regulates the activities of over 15,000 members (students, associates, fellows and graduates, Stock Marketing Agent, diploma, e.t.c.). The Institute also processes and manages registration of its members, examination, financial and legal information in order to achieve its objectives.

Why become a member?

  • Diverse employment opportunities both locally and internationally.
  • Relevance in various sectors of the economy capital market, financial services industry, business, public service and as self employed.
  • Ability to practice as a Stockbroker, Securities and Investment Adviser/Analyst, Funds & Portfolio Manager.

Grades of Membership
There are five categories of CIS membership. These are

  • Student,
  • Graduate,
  • Associate,
  • Honorary Fellow and
  • Fellow.

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The Professional Exam Structure

PAPER  Paper Description
1.1  & 2.1Abbreviation


Financial Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis
Economics & Financial Markets
Quantitative Analysis & Statistics
1.2  & 2.2Abbreviation


Corporate Finance
Equity Valuation & Analysis
Fixed Income Valuation & Analysis
1.3  & 2.3Abbreviation


Derivative Valuation & Analysis
Portfolio Management
Commodity Trading & Futures
1.4  & 2.4Abbreviation


Ethics and Professional Standard
Law Relating to Securities & Investment
Regulation of Securities & Corporate Finance

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