CIPS Exam Past Questions and Answers

CIPS Exam Past Questions and Answers

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) is an international organisation serving the procurement and supply chain profession and it exists to help promote good practice in the industry.

CIPS courses are classified as Certificate, Advanced Certificate or Diploma. Depending on your prior experience and qualifications, you can select a course that suitably advances your career or profession

CIPS courses are valuable management tool for those moving to junior and middle management procurement roles or those supervising the procurement function.

questions and answersUsing these the CIPS level past papers ensure that:

  • You understand the course content so as to know what each learning outcome is as per the module
  • You understand the exam structure
  • Know how to articulate your points so that you can get the full marks attributed to the question
  • Think of yourself as the candidate so don’t rush over questions and assume you know he answers

CIPS exams study pack, Past Questions and Answers are available at the Professional Exam section of Q and A App. Install the App from Playstore

The available study packs include:

  • L4M1 – Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply
  • L4M7 – Whole Life Asset Management
  • L4M6 – Supplier relationships
  • L4M5 – Commercial Negotiations
  • L4M3 – Commercial Contracting
  • L4M2 – Defining Business Needs

Typical job titles of people enrolling on the Level 4 course:

  • Buyer
  • Procurement / purchasing executive
  • Procurement specialist
  • Contract officer
  • Supply chain / inventory / logistics analyst
  • Supply chain / inventory / logistics planner

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