Business Management

The need for business manager is a continual need; individuals to fill these spots are required in every city and state. In order to succeed, a business must not only have employees but a leader as well. Business Management graduates fill this need, directing employees, overseeing daily operations, and handling a wide variety of administrative tasks. In addition to a degree, dedication, attention to details and a positive attitude are the only requirements needed to succeed in this field.Business Managers must forecast and predict possible future business income and loss in line with financial reports. The responsibility to be concise and accurate is an important quality that is learned because of this. Critical thinking and decision making are crucial aspects in this field.
Business Managers learn the leadership skills to set goals, follow through, take charge and help employees work hand in hand to achieve organizational goals.
University entry requirement same as Accounting/Banking & Finance

Career Opportunities
Students holding this degree are needed in the fields of hospitality, corporate business firms, private business, government agencies, educational institution, development and research centers and non-profit organizations. Usually, larger companies and business entrepreneurs are another popular avenue with plethora of job openings and operational branches offering job each year

As UME pre-entry requirements into university, students will be required to write Mathematics and Commerce and any other Social science subject. Such a student is also expected to have Five (5) ‘O’ level credit in English Language, Mathematics and Economics and any other two (2) Social science subject.
For Direct entry, what is required is two (2) ‘A’ level passes to include Economics.

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