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Boxing great – Muhammed Ali

The world recently mourned the passing of a boxing legend. The man who glamourized boxing and arguably the greatest boxer of all times. Ever heard, “Fly like a butter fly, sting like a bee”?

We live in a generation where success is often measured in monetary terms. There is a joke that says successful individuals are the decision makers at family meetings, their suggestions are taken with all seriousness not because they put forward the best ideas but as a result of their perceived wealth. Beyond money, is there something more important?

Can you demonstrate what you know? The ability to showcase what you claim in your resume can’t be overemphasized. For instance, if you claim to be a web designer, do you have websites already hosted by you? This is because potential clients will always request to see what you have done. If you cannot refer them to any active site, you are likely to lose such prospective clients to others who can substantiate their works.

Having a good and convincing response to the questions, what can you do? And what have you done in the past? Is the key to getting more jobs and clients which invariably translates to more money in your bank account.

bragging rightsI was once interviewed for a business development job; I mentioned web designing in my curriculum vitae and disclosed it as my main source of earning income over the previous years. One of the interviewers requested for the urls of some of my works and sought to know how often I got clients. I was able to back up my response with verifiable evidence. I got the job!

Employers of labour are keen at what you have to offer. No employer wants to recruit a zombie, individuals who don’t take initiative. What is your bragging right? If you have none at the moment, you need to make out time to develop your bragging right and selling point.


Bragging rights in the context of this article is simply, why should I employ you? It answers the question, why should I patronize you, buy your products?

In your job search, your ability to demonstrate your bragging right may be all you need to get the job.

bragging right articleIn your search for a job, you must ensure to be your first employer and customer. If you head the Human resource department of the organization where you seek employment, will you offer an employment to an individual in your mould – with the same experience, exposure, comportment, chrisma and track record? If your response is NO, go ahead to make valuable investment in yourself.

If you sell products, will you be a repeat customer of your products if you were to buy them from a third party? Do they offer the true value paid for them? Do not underestimate the importance of satisfying one customer. A happy customer will likely refer your service to another customer. In the same vein, a disgruntled customer has the potential to turn away 10 would be clients – bad news travel fast!

Summarily, you must work hard to add value in all that you do and have a positive intent in serving your customer/clients. Ensure to create a lasting impression that makes them prefer your services.


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