Animal Science

Animal scientists study the feeding, breeding and management of domestic animals; particularly those of agricultural significance. The field of animal science encompasses subjects ranging from herd genetics and high-performance diets to animal vaccines and environmental management of animals, with a focus on transferring this knowledge into practice.More and more, animal scientists are concerned with devising innovative solutions to the challenges posed by a growing world population with changing patterns of diet, a finite amount of farmland, animal behavior and welfare, sustainable production system and pasture management, changing climatic condition and forage production.

Career Opportunities
The rapid expansion of the livestock and animal health industry means an increasing need for animal scientists and professionals who can guide this industry’s development.

Opportunities for animal scientists are wide-ranging. In government positions, graduate can help design government policies or work directly in research agencies or centers. Other employment can be found with feed manufacturers, animal breeding companies, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, universities as well as in primary production or in the growing agricultural biotechnology industry.

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