Agricultural Biology

Agricultural biology provides you with a comprehensive background in the life sciences and the ability to apply scientific principles to biotechnology, wildland ecology and management, physiology and behavior of domestic animals, genetics and evolution.

This degree is ideal for students who are interested in science and research.


Students majoring in Agricultural biology are well qualified to serve as technical assistants in basic biological science research projects, applied government or universities studies and agencies, and private agricultural biotechnological companies like food production companies, breweries etc.

More so, Agricultural biology graduates have been employed as extension agrologists, field and aquatic biologists and sales representatives. The emerging biotechnology industry will require a wide range of people with an understanding of science to manage growth in this area as many companies such as food and Sciences Corporation, vaccine and infectious diseases organization etc recruits employees with a background in agriculture and who are knowledgeable in the application of biotechnology.

As UME pre-entry requirements into university, students will be required to write Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Such a student is also expected to have Five (5) ‘O’ level credit to consist of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and any other science subject.  For Direct entry, what is required is two (2) ‘A’ level pass in Biology, Physics or Mathematics.

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