Open Letter and Advise to NYSC Members

Open Letter and Advise to NYSC Members

NYSC Advise
Dear Ajuwaya,
Your Service year will be one of the ‘shortest’ one year span you’d experience in your lifetime. How you spend it can make or mar you. I have long desired writing this piece but kept putting it till another day until my recent visit to the Lagos State NYSC Secretariat. I was there to distribute Q and A App flyers, with an intent to make them aware of an App that makes sourcing of Job Test and Professional Exams Questions and Answers seamless (Q and A is available for download on Google Playstore).

I was taken aback by the attitude of a majority of the Corp members. They lacked a sense of curiosity and behaved as if wearing the NYSC Khaki qualified them as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I must not forget to commend a few who received the flyer, read it and thanked me for the information.

In my opinion, your service year is as important as the time you spent acquiring tertiary education. It offers you an opportunity to acquire life skills and the experience you’d need to run your private or future employers business. Do not be like the unwise Corp members who think service year is all about FUN, a time to see movies without any moderation and time to party hard.

Primarily, your service year affords you an opportunity to add value to yourself and your host community, particularly your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Summarily, it provides you 12 months to figure out your next steps, setting the stage for you to chase your dreams.

Find below accounts of individuals that made the most of their Service Year, the names used are not real names.

Yusuf, an Electrical Engineering graduate developed interest in coding and spent his service year studying coding and Android App development. He continued learning coding after his service year. His opportunity came when he was shortlisted for an interview with a leading Software development company. He impressed at the interview and got an offer. Today, he is a Senior Software developer with one of Nigeria’s most reputed Software Company.

Segun spent his service year promoting Computer Education. He pioneered the first Computer room at his PPA and succeeded in training 40 students on how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet Browsers.

His activities earned him the Local Government Chairman’s Merit Award and a good reputation at his PPA. His NYSC exploits was a great asset to him at Job interviews. The account of how he spent his service year literally blows his interviewers away and makes him seem like the ideal staff they seek.

Nneka spent her NYSC year to learn dress making. She also enrolled with a hair making and beauty shop. She now runs her own business as a fashion designer and Beauty consultant.

questions and answersJohn studied and sat for National Institute of Management exams. He saved some money with which he obtained MSc form from the University of Ibadan. He was able to save for his first Semester tuition from income earned as a private tutor to some of the students at his PPA.

All the accounts given above are real life stories. I hope they motivate you to ACT. I am not asking you to tow their path. I am advising you to be intentional about making your Service year Count. Make it one of the best years of your life.

Don’t wait until you complete your service year before learning how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter. Add value by attending relevant Seminars and Workshops. Volunteer to serve at events that will offer you valuable experience. Get involved in Community development projects and sharpen your networking skills.

I hope you find this heart to heart advice useful. Permit me to introduce Q and A App, it is specially built for you. Source Job Test Study materials and Professional Exams Questions and Answers on the App. Q and A is available for Download on Google Playstore.

Image Credit: Tribune Nigeria

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