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A story of a young girl whose life changed after a painful experience; I know that we have different categories of ladies.

There are some who have already taken pain as their lifestyle and have refused to learn, there are some who intentionally go through pain for selfish reasons while some have allowed the pains they go through to change their life and make them better women.

“I will always get away with all I do, who says I can’t eat my cake and have it at the same time, it my time joor” these and more were Sade’s reply to her friends.

Sade a young lady in her early twenties embraced the rough part of life and got addicted to it. She really loves to explore and hang out with friends. She was never scared of getting into trouble because she believes she can never have any problem in her dealing with people especially the opposite sex.

The social network exposed her more as she made new friends (mostly guys) and was ready to go out on dates with them. Although she has heard stories about girls visiting guys they met on social networks and getting into trouble such as being raped or being killed but she was so confident that such can’t happen to her.

article for young teenage girlsOn this fateful day, she received a call from a family friend who resides in Lagos. The conversation went thus:

Sade: Hello good evening

Caller: Good evening, please am I speaking to Sade
Sade: yes please who am I speaking to?

Caller: it’s me Bayo
Sade: Bayo!! Which Bayo please

Caller: well Bayo, Mrs Adeoti’s son
Sade: OMG!! Am so sorry, didn’t know it’s you, how are you and how is everyone over there.

Bayo: we are all fine, it’s been a while, I collected your number from someone close.
Sade: well that’s great but hope all is well, the last time I saw you, I was still in secondary school (junior class) at that.

Bayo: well, you are right and am sure you must be a big girl now
Sade: chuckles, if you say so

Bayo: I would really like to say, I have a busy schedule here in Lagos, if you don’t mind can I invite you over to my place one of these weekends.
Sade: hmmm, it’s alright I will come

Bayo: really, that will be great, can’t wait to see you again.

Sade: smiles
Bayo: thanks so much, allow me call you back later please.

Sade: it’s alright, take care
Sade: Bye

Hmmm…just like that, Sade agreed to go to Lagos, immediately she dropped the call, she starts thinking about what she will tell people around her, so they won’t discourage or stop her from going. She is very good at fabricating stories so before long, she came up with one.

Bayo called back and fixed the next weekend for their visit. Sade agreed but instructed Bayo that none of her family members must hear about it since she won’t be going home and he agreed without any objection.

Sade got to the pack to board a bus going to Lagos, her hearts beats continually, but her mind was made up; though something tells her she was doing something wrong. When she got to Lagos, she was able to locate the house easily. She was warmly welcomed by Bayo who has gotten everything set to welcome Sade. She was very happy. Of course that’s what she likes.

Sade dropped her bag and freshened up; she ate and then decided to have a conversation with Bayo to be sure of why he invited her over. As she conversed with Bayo, she noticed that his eyes were running all over her body and he was always trying to move close at every opportunity. He told her how beautiful she is and that the reason why he invited her over was because he wants to start something serious with.

“I am not getting any younger and I need a decent and intelligent lady, I have searched but I believe you are the perfect jewel for me, I have always admired you since you were in secondary school and I know you will be a wonderful mother to my kids”. Those were his words.

As Sade was about to utter a word, he touched her lips and carried her to his room.“Wait, wait, stop let me say something”, it was already late, he pounced on her like a hungry lion who has just found its prey and he had sex with her. Oh my God, Sade was crying inside, how can this happen to me? Why did he do this? she couldn’t cry out because it was late. The deed had been done.

She thought within herself, I shouldn’t have come. The following day, she begged Bayo to get her a pill so she won’t get pregnant because she wasn’t sure she was safe. Sade returned back to school that same day and couldn’t tell anyone what she went through, she had earlier said she was going to redemption camp, so she just lied and said the program was fine.

Weeks after Sade added a lot of weigh, she became very uncomfortable, most of the time, and her friends teased her about her weight. She was now becoming scared. She was waiting for her monthly period to prove her pregnancy thoughts wrong but her period delayed.

Some days later, she spotted for just a day, she became very worried, and why was her period not flowing? She couldn’t help it so she got test strips and did a pregnancy home test only to find out that she was pregnant. Her head rang, what will people say about her? This can’t be happening; she didn’t know who to run to; she was shaking and sobbing quietly.

Two days later, she was at a hospital. The doctor did necessary tests and told her she was 1 month and I week pregnant. What will she do, she was very scared. She had never aborted before but she has heard a lot of stories about abortion and its pains.

The doctor pointed at a door and asked her to go in. As the abortion progressed, she felt like she was going to die because the pain was unbearable.

She stared at the roof of the room, recalling how she had messed up her life in the past months, risking her life and being careless with it. She began to scream “OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME; AM VERY SORRY

Some minutes later, the doctor told her, he was done and that she could stand up; that was when she realizes that she was still alive. The doctor helped her to her feet and gave her some pills . Immediately she got out of the room, the nurses at the reception showed her some empathy. She was lost in thought; her eyes wet with tears.

She left the hospital premises promising God that she will never go back to sin again. She has just lost her first fruit – baby. A very painful and horrible experience

To some of the ladies out there, I understand that some have faced worse things than Sade,while some have not gotten to this level but are treading the path. Some have passed through fire and have been burnt beyond recognition. But the most important thing is that one should learn from these experiences.

It was her first visit. Her first visit to Bayo’s place, her first to the hospital for an abortion. The first visit can be your last visit if you are not being careful, the first visit can destroy your life and it an even lead to death.Some people’s life has been totally shattered due to a first visit.

BEWARE! Whatever you are doing now and you know it is not right, whatever you are doing and you know can destroy your life…stop in time before it is too late…lastly let us all learn from our mistakes…

Written by :Funmike Ajayi. 

funmike ajayi writer and blogger

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