6 knowledge areas that will supercharge your employability quotient and boost your financial status

6 Knowledge areas that will supercharge your employability

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The Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun recently admitted that the Nigeria economy is facing a recession. Long before her admittance, many Nigerians without economic knowledge are well aware that times are hard. It was not a surprise to read about cases of stolen stew pots in some parts of the country – there is hunger in the land.

Knowbase consult brings you a list of skills that will keep you afloat during this hard and challenging period. Application of these skills will guarantee you sustainable income. Read on with the aim of identifying skill sets that interest and appeal to you. We have also gone an extra mile to recommend upcoming training’s put together by top professionals and reputable organizations in September 2016. Make the most of the information provided here and thank us later.


Have you received a Bulksms promoting a product in the past? You must have seen a customized sales promotion email in your inbox. The commonest of these promotions are the advert banners seen on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Nairaland etc

Digital Marketing is simply the promotion of products and services through electronic channels, basically on the internet but include sources as mobile phones and display advertising medium.

You may be tempted to ask how much you can earn providing Digital Marketing services. Professional fees charged by digital marketers ranges from fifty to Hundred thousands and Millions of Naira.

Where to acquire the Skill? You may start by reading up the basic information on your own through information available on the internet. Consider attending a Digital marketing and social media for business Class. I recommend the one organized by our academy at Knowbaseconsult. See details for September 2016 Training here.


It is often said that once an entrepreneur succeeds at making his/her first million; replicating the effort becomes easy. The same can be said of building a career in the oil and gas industry, once you are in, it becomes easy to climb the ladder, change jobs etc

Business Development is not taught in college but it remains a key part of every successful organization. It involves identifying the short, medium and long-term strategy for an organization. A business developer builds and maintains relationships with clients, identify markets and attract new customers to his/her organization.

A 2-Day Business development training has been scheduled for September, See details. Special discounts available for National Youth Service Corps members (NYSC) and fresh graduates.



In a competitive labour market, an ISO 9001:2015 training will differentiate and stand you out from other applicants. Many organizations are in the process of migrating from ISO 9001:2008 Certification to ISO 9001:2015. What is the benefit of this information to a smart applicant? Firstly, attend an ISO training and get certified as an ISO 9001:2015 Auditor, then identify organisations who are currently ISO 9001: 2008 certified with an intent of sending them unsolicited job application.  Your cover letter which will form the body of your mail should highlight that you have attended a Quality Management System (QMS) training, your training certificate should be attached to the application.

Beyond giving you an edge during job interviews, a QMS course will be a great addition to your resume.

You will get the best QMS training and services from Vuzela Limited. The 2016 September Training schedule will be made available soon.


WordPress is one of the major software for creating websites. Given it 25% share of websites, it will be right to name it the leading Content Management System platform. This is true for many reasons.

In simple terms, Content Management System is a platform that allows for easy information dissemination through text, images and videos. Examples are news websites, product blogs etc

WordPress is simple to learn and use. It does not require you to have any prior web development skill. If you can use Microsoft Office Word, then, be assured you will learn to administer a WordPress site in less than 2 hours and in about 5 days, you will learn the fundamentals for creating a WordPress site. Consistent practice over a period of 1 month – 6 months should see you take on major website jobs.

One of the arguments put forward by professional website developers is that WordPress is too simple. In a complex world like ours, I see that as a strength and advantage – I hope you will take advantage of this.

Popular news site like punchng.com, vanguardngr.com, npower.com.ng are built on wordpress, other sites built with WordPress include, knowbaseconsult.com, techcrunch, and many other top portals. Many of our interns learnt to use wordpress in 3 days, it should take you less. They have since created several websites running on the web and made  reasonable income in the process, you should do the same.

Interested in learning WordPress? You are a call away: Send a SMS to 08120252692. Also consider registering for the September 2016 Training – See full training details here.


The continuous rise of social media and its adoption as a major platform for brand communication and advertising positions Graphic Designing as a sought after skill.

Many organisations try to outdo one another in communicating their brand proposition through visuals, you must have observed this on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Acquiring Photo Editing and Graphic Designing skills is sure a great skill to have in this age and time. It pays handsomely too.


I guess you are reading this article via a mobile application. Many online service portals have a mobile application, this is as a result of the rise and adoption of the mobile device as the major source of accessing the web.

Mobile Application development skill is in high demand and will remain so for some years to come. One of the leading software training company in Nigeria is Andela, they were recently in the news for receiving $24.6 million dollars funding from Mark Zuckerberg foundation. Apply to Andela

The first step to knowing anything is to develop and stimulate your interest for the subject. Ask yourself questions like, why should I acquire this skill? What can I do with it? Do I have a skill, interest related to this knowledge area. When you find your motivation, go ahead to lay your hands on useful materials on the internet, buy books, audio tapes and watch videos related to that subject. Also attend trainings, seminar or workshop that relates to the subject of your interest. And do not forget that nothing is too difficult to learn. I am yet to find a body of knowledge that is beyond human comprehension and understanding.

Which of the skills listed above do you have? What are you doing with the knowledge? Which of them will you like to acquire? Talk to us at knowbaseconsult. We are available to guide you and offer you professional advice.

Register for our upcoming training – September 2016 .

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